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Test Automation

Rapise provides a complete automated testing solution that can handle all of your technologies in one environment. With support for web, mobile and desktop applications and a wide variety of third-party component libraries.

Below are some of the most popular features in Rapise:

Record & Playback

Scriptless Testing

Rapise includes a powerful and easy to use visual language called RVL (Rapise Visual Language) that lets you write automated tests without any programming code. This scriptless approach makes it easy for domain users and testers to create automated tests without needing to be programmers.

Automated Recording

Rapise provides a powerful automated test recorder that captures your interactions with the application being tested and uses that to build a reusable object repository and automated test script. With its extensive set of libraries, Rapise will automate your web, mobile and desktop testing including hybrid applications.

Intelligent Playback

When you record a test, Rapise translates your actions into a script. When you playback the test, the script is executed. Tests can be either played-back through the Rapise user interface, directly from the command-line, or from a test management system such as SpiraTest.

Test Validation

Rapise lets you add verification points to your test scripts so that you can make sure your tests are producing the expected results and behavior during testing. You can add verification points during recording or manually after the fact using the IDE.

Learn And Go

Rapise's unique Learn and Go testing method is much more time efficient than traditional record-and-playback + edit processes. Objects are edited during the learning process instead of waiting for all objects to be recorded then edited. The test script is generated (with parameterized values) as you go. Faster, more complete test script generation and automatic script updates significantly reduces testing time and gets your application to market faster.

Powerful Reporting

Rapise comes with powerful and flexible reporting capabilities that allow you to quickly and easily see the results of your testing activities. You can even customize the data being reported by adding instructions within your test script.

Cross Browser Testing Tools

Rapise's cross-browser capabilities are world-class with support for multiple versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Choose Rapise to test web applications in all of the most used browsers. Create one test script and execute the same script without modification across the major browsers.

Analog Recording

In instances where an application is not well suited to object-based test automation (for instance a graphics application such as MS Paint), Rapise provides analog recording as a fallback solution. With analog recording, Rapise can take even the worst-case situation and allow you to automate it.

Exploratory Testing

In addition to its world class automation functionality, Rapise brings the power of automation to your manual and exploratory testing. No more laborious creation of test cases and test steps. Rapise, lets your testing keep pace with your development cycles.

Robust Automation

Self Healing Tests

The achilles heel of test automation is dealing with applications that either change repeatedly or are not well designed for test automation in the first place. Rapise has a completely new approach to locating objects on a web page that based on our research and development will yield significantly better results in creating tests that work without alteration, even when the application being tested changes, or when the application uses dynamic IDs and attributes.

Powerful Object Manager

One of the most important tasks in test automation is keeping the test scripts current with changes in the application. With the adoption of Agile methodologies, the need to be able to adjust the test scripts to account for refactoring is more important than ever. Rapise's powerful object manager ensures that changes in the application can be handled without any script rewrites.

Drag & Drop IDE

Rapise scripts are written in JavaScript. In addition to the autogenerated script created during recording, you can run and debug your script using the full featured integrated JavaScript Editor and Debugger. Rapise includes a testing API, with methods for manipulating images, spreadsheets, common GUI widgets, and more.

Data Driven Testing

Data-driven testing is the creation of test scripts to run together with their related data sets in a framework. The framework provides re-usable test logic to reduce maintenance and improve test coverage. Input and result (test criteria) data values can be stored in one or more central data sources. Rapise provides strong support for DDT with the ability to load in sets of test data from an Excel spreadsheet or relational database.

Hybrid Application Testing

Applications are not always written using a single technology, so Rapise has been design to test such hybrid applications. Using a single test script, Rapise can test applications that use multiple different technologies seamlessly.

Distributed Testing

Rapise when used with our SpiraTest test management system allows you to manage a distributed automated test lab. You can run your test scripts across multiple planforms and environments with integrated scheduling and real-time reporting.

XPath & Spy Tools

The Rapise Spy Tools let you interact with the application under test in real time to discover the available objects and properties for automation. During recording you can use the same Spy tool to pick specific objects to be used in the generated test script. Rapise includes Spy tools for multiple technologies and platforms.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Rapise is the ultimate tool for automating your routine UI tasks for legacy applications. Rapise has broad support for automating many different classes of application, including AS400 terminals, desktop client/server, web, and mobile. In addition, Rapise's API automation tools let you mix RPA and API styles of automation in one process.

Optical Character Recognition

Sometimes you need to get a text written inside a GUI control or find a place on the screen that contains a given text. It is not always possible to solve this task using objects natively supported by Rapise or Simulated Objects. In this case the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality may help.

Flexibility & Extensibility

Unit Test Integration

Unit Testing involves testing individual units of a piece of software to make sure they act as intended. With the move to Agile methodologies and test-driven development, unit testing is an integral part of continuous delivery and DevOps. Rapise provides powerful features to enhance your unit testing to include test user interfaces as well as code libraries.

Test Management Integration

SpiraTest provides an integrated, holistic test management solution that manages your requirements, tests and incidents. When you use Rapise with SpiraTest, you can centrally manage your automated tests and remotely schedule and launch them in a globally distributed test lab.

Selenium WebDriver Integration

Rapise lets you execute your Rapise tests through Selenium WebDriver or Grid as well as using the built-in web browser plugins. In addition, you can write native Selenium WebDriver scripts in Rapise for ultimate flexibility.

Microsoft Azure DevOps Integration

For customers using Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) or Azure DevOps, Rapise offers out of the box integration. Rapise integrates with the Visual Studio unit test framework, Azure DevOps build pipelines and Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).

Jenkins CI Integration

For customers using Jenkins as their continuous integration / deployment (CI/CD) platform, Rapise offers direct integration with Jenkins using Jenkins pipelines in a standalone configuration, or you can integrate Jenkins with SpiraTest and have SpiraTest orchestrate your automated tests in coordination with your Jenkins build pipelines.

Extensible Scripting Engine

The core scripting engine used in Rapise is based on JavaScript and it can be easily extended to use third party JavaScript libraries and frameworks. In addition you extend the core testing engine used by Rapise to include additional test libraries, validation frameworks and reporting options.

Custom Libraries

The JavaScript source code for library recognition and execution is available to the user, as well as a JavaScript Application Programming Interface (API). New recognition and execution capabilities can be added to Rapise by the end user and shared with colleagues, giving your team the flexibility to automate where other tools fail.

JMeter Integration

Rapise includes built-in integration with JMeter for performance testing. Seamlessly convert your functional test scripts from Rapise into a JMeter load test and performance scenario with one click.

NeoLoad Integration

Rapise includes built-in integration with NeoLoad for performance testing. Seamlessly convert your functional test scripts from Rapise into a NeoLoad load test and performance scenario with one click.

Evaluation Guides

Feature Checklist

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What is Automated Software Testing?

Automated software testing is the ability to have a software tool or suite of software tools test your applications directly without human intervention. Generally test automation involves the testing tool sending data to the application being tested and then comparing the results with those that were expected when the test was created.

What is Graphic User Interface (GUI) Testing?

Graphic User Interface Testing (GUI) testing is the process of ensuring proper functionality of the graphical user interface (GUI) for a specific application. This involves making sure it behaves in accordance with its requirements and works as expected across the range of supported platforms and devices.

What is API Testing?

API testing is the testing of a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) directly and as part of an integration test to determine if they meet expectations for functionality, reliability, performance, and security.

Rapise, the Simple Alternative to HP UFT

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