Outstanding support is the foundation of our company, and we want your experience with our products to be exceptional from the start.

We provide one year of FREE support to all download customer of our products. At the end of that initial year period, you can continue to receive support and product updates by subscribing to a yearly support plan. For cloud hosted customers it's even easier, we provide unlimited* support for as long as you have a subscription with us.

If you discontinue support, you may subsequently reactivate support at any time after paying the appropriate reactivation fees.

Our ultimate goal is to keep our customers satisfied with our products and services. As evidence of our commitment to providing exceptional support and customer satisfaction:

  • You have access to unlimited* email and phone support** on all topics covered by support (see below for a list of exclusions)
  • We will return your email in one business day
  • We will respond to your support ticket submission in one business day
  • You are entitled to free product updates while you are covered by a support plan
  • We offer promotions and discounts to our existing customers on our new products

We wish we could help every customer with every issue they have. There are a number of limits to the kinds of support we can provide. Areas which are subject to some exclusions in our support are:

  • For on-premise customers, our support team will be happy to answer general questions about installing and using our products on different environments. They will point you to KB articles that provide best practices, where possible. However we are not able to provide support on how to use Microsoft Windows, IIS or SQL Server itself.
  • For performance issues related to on-premise installations we are happy to provide recommendations and best practices, but detailed analysis of a customers' environment is outside the scope of our standard support. However subject to availability we may be able to provide technical consulting for $250/hour for those customers that need it.
  • For complimentary addons and integrations (provided free to all customers) we are happy to work with you to get the addon or integration working.
    • Because of the multiple moving parts we can only provide support for these free integrations via email
    • We are not able to provide support for 3rd party software or services - for example how to use or configure Jira
    • We are not able to support network troubleshooting for how a plugin connects to Spira
  • For custom reports, graphs and using our APIs we are able to offer general advice and provide links to existing documentation or support articles. We will investigate all potential bugs in these areas. We are not able to provide support to the bespoke requirements in these areas (for example how to make a certain report, or write code using our API to enable a certain functionality) 


We welcome your comments about our support policies and plans, please contact us at support@inflectra.com if you have any suggestions or feedback.

* Inflectra reserves the right to limit the number of support emails and tickets from any customer that is consistently logging an excessive number of tickets.

** For general application issues and inquiries we are happy to offer unlimited phone support. For issues involving integration with other tools we offer email and help desk support only due to the complexities of resolving such issues. You can purchase webex sessions for time with a dedicated integration specialist by the hour for $250/hr.