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Here is a selection of recent testimonials from our customers

Hundreds of End Users Learned Quickly How to Use The Tool

Spira helped us managing integration and user acceptance testing of a big bang project in many countries in short time frame successfully. We managed to upload our test cases to Spira quickly and tracked all our testing progress with the test results, screen shots and also logged incidents. This brought us efficient reporting, coordination within the project team and also with the countries.

Spira is easy to learn to use for the project team and also for the end users. Hundreds of end users learned quickly how to use to tool and reported their test results in the system without further support.

Kadir Yigit, Project Manager ERP Finance Legal, Galderma SA

Total Revolutionary Product

The Software made Automation easier. Integration easy, total revolutionary product. Very powerful tool if used as designed. Most excellent, brings our Business and testing together in understanding the requirements.

Juan Diesel, Capitec Bank

SpiraTeam is a robust ALM tool

Initial configuration of the system was pretty easy, and while there are many options to set up, everything is nicely presented and simple to follow.

Chris Davies, Cenduit

My contacts with Inflectra can only be reviewed at 5-star at the moment

A very good tool for my QA skill set. Integration of all tools, open interfaces, online access from anywhere => to showcase example business cases to my customers, ease of use.

Peter Maas, Maas Database Applications GmbH

Great value and great support

Feature set for the price compared to competing products. Flexible licensing. Very good support from the company.

John Davidson, DHHS Tasmania

User Acceptance Testing made Easy

It is easy to manage, track, assign, and update test cases using Spira. Being able to collaborate with IT directly using the same system and being able to manage the test cases and incidents that we submit.

Amy B.

The most complete Requirements/Test Case/Test Execution management Tool available

With more than 10 years in Test Management, I always wanted a tool that managed the following 3 areas of the process: Requirements Management, Test Case (with traceability), and Test Results Reporting. I have used many different Tools over the years. I found the tools that manage requirements well often have too much overhead, and struggle to seamlessly manage Test Cases. Other Tools manage Test Cases well, but struggle to manage requirements in a seamless way. Finally, the test reports produced by most tools are hard to customize to our needs

SpiraTeam is the only tool I have used which handes Requirements, Test Cases, and Test reporting is an excellent manner. Being web-based, the navigation between requirements/test is natural and seemless. SpiraTeam offers many fields to qualify/group requirements/test cases into releases, functionalities, etc, in a very flexible way. Additionally, SpiraTeam allows the user to group test cases, and test sets, which comes in very handily when managing final release testing. The user interface is very well thought out and organized, allowing natural and logical tracking of releases/requirements and corresponding results. Finally, with Excel Import and Export capabilities, as well as APIs, SpiraTeam has all the tools required to truly be a central tool in any organizations complex development process.

SpiraTeam is a very extensive web-based tool, providing superb database management of requirements/test cases/test results. Being accustomed to instant responses, SpiraTeam may appear slow at times. However, this may be solved by enhancing IT server resources if it becomes an serious issue. In general, we have not considered the slower response of SpiraTeam to be a problem.

Mayar A.

Ideal Tool for Any IT Project

Easy to use and understand. Teams are quickly and easily trained to use the tool effectively. The transparency of each element of the tool and their inter-relationships is highly valuable from a management and communications perspective. It readily integrates with other tools being used and has appropriate export features to support existing communications processes. It's reporting features support daily (or current) updates for the wider audience and the ability to drill-down from one element to another ensures accuracy and improves comprehension across disciplines and teams.

Reporting could be better and I'd like to see direct interfaces to SharePoint for publication. A Team Web Interface would be great for communicating with the wider audience who may not have direct access to the tool. I dislike the fact that reports/exports refer to Custom fields without using the labels they've been allocated.

Trial it. Use it. Buy it!

Consultant in Information Technology and Services

I used other products like MS TFS, (HP /QC and QTP) and Rational iBM Suite, very expensive, for big projects and big companies, with poor customer's support. But SpiraTeam iis the best for small teams, different metodologies and excellent customer's support. The integration with the other Inflectra products (Rapise Test, Spira Plan and Spira Test) is very full... allowing us to develop automated test cases across many technologies...

The best of the product is the dashboard and the reporting modules, for the full information provided. SpiraTeam allows configuration of all the projects and administration its very easy and fast: from requirements, stakeholders, tasks, card time, to the inclusion of the appropriate documents. Moreover, SpiraTeam allows us to develop the testing plan (with manual and automate testing, with integration in Rapise), execution testing, manage defects, bugs and incidents, as well as tracing releases, tasks and source code.

Spira Team is the best product ALM (comparing quality and price) that I know. It is a very complete product, cheap and easy to use, to configure and to manage.

Liberal R.

SpiraTeam is an affordable QA Management Tool with great customer service

The Customer Service is always quick and efficient to answers questions or issues, which have been few in the 4 years we have been on the product. They continue to develop new features and add to the base product, which is only helping it to grow and stay current with the latest development trends. I love that we have a turn-key solution hosted for us at an affordable price, something no other product we looked at could provide us for the money we had to spend.

I love that I am able to write custom queries to extract whatever data I need to get to, but the output of the data into a nice format I can turn over to upper-level management can be time-consuming. We love being able to track resource time on tasks and incidents, but the Time Card feature is only a basic input page and needs some updating and feature options to enhance it's user-friendliness. The user manual specifies the basics of using the product, but I would like to see a better Admin manual for setting up the product to accommodate multiple industries. We've figured it out for ourselves, with the help of Support, but I would love to have a manual I could reference which evolves as the industry does.

Vanessa S.

All in one Application that helps growth and maturity

What do you like best? Basically everything, full traceability from requirement to results, great overview of whats done and needs to be done.

What do you dislike? Nothing worth mentioning and if I have any issues the people at Inflectra are quick to respond with answers or fixes.

Try it and buy it

Administrator in Computer Software

Ease of use, intuitive GUI design, good use of colour, Integration with 3rd party plugins for automation and code management tools. Competitively priced - the features for the money are exceptional.

When considering SpiraTeam you need to do a full analysis of your requirements. So many organisations use what they have used before but fail to look at what they need from a test management tool. For us integration with 3rd party tools was important and the solid test management features. The requirements capture features are less so. Cost was also a major factor. SpiraTeam handles many concurrent users for us and it's very stable, we have very few outages each year.

Executive Consultant

"You get more than you pay for SpiraTeam"

You get more than what you pay for with SPIRATeam - easy to use - it gets better from update to update.

Pros: easy administration - traceability over the whole development process - good test integration - integrated document versioning - good and fast support.

Dieter Suckau, Rota Yokogawa

"Great Tool For The Entire Project Life Cycle"

We have been using SpiraTeam within our organization for quite a few years. SpiraTeam is very easy to use, and is a great way to help track, maintain and troubleshoot an entire project, from the planning stages, to implementation, to enhancement requests and software bug and defect resolution. I would recommend SpiraTeam to any organization looking for a straightforward, easy to use tool. Key Pros: Easy to use Versatile Tracks multiple project points

Erin Egleston, Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, ASI Business Solutions, Inc.

"Best Value Alternative to the Big Bloated Beasts"

In Gartner’s most recent 2015 Magic Quadrant for Application Development Life Cycle Management (ADLM) report, Inflectra’s SpiraTeam has risen from the Niche Players to the Challengers quadrant. Meanwhile, HP stays in the Challegers quadrant, but loses ground in its “ability to execute” while only marginally improving its “completeness of vision.

This compares to Inflectra’s substantial improvement in its “ability to execute” against a marginal decline in its “completeness of vision.” Inflectra’s dramatic improvement in “ability to execute” moved it up to the same Challengers quadrant as HP. By the way, HP is graphically shown to be slightly inferior to Inflectra in its “ability to execute.” A quick conclusion says that the two products are nearly equall in capabilities.

This is particularly import to any organization chat’s considering a purchase of an ADLM tool suite. Within the report, Gartner provides a brief summary of each ADLM suite in the Quadrant. Under the Cautions sub-section of the HP summary, Gartner explains that, “HP ALM does not appear frequently in Gartner’s reviews of shortlists for new ADLM purchases.” Gartner doesn’t give any specific reason as to why HP’s product misses shortlists but if my buying experience offers any insight, the reason is simple.

While working as a Business Analyst contractor for a small, Texas-based electric cooperative, one of my projects was to research, buy, and implement an ADLM tool for the company. In a prior engagement with a large, Denver-based utility, I worked on a team project with a similar goal. I gained some great experience using IBM’s Rational Collaborative Life Cycle Management (CLM) suite. Three applications are included in the suite: Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Team Concert, and Rational Quality Manager. I found it to be an excellent ADLM tool and a good fit for a large, mature IT organization. And it’s priced accordingly. In general, IBM targets the big-budget, large enterprise market. So too does HP.

I also had some previous exposure to HP’s Quality Center (HPQC) suite and was aware of its functionality and pricing. HPQC has a large base of customers and most big businesses and government entities.

One of the IT managers in the small utility once worked at another big company where HPQC was in use. That manager wanted me to include HPQC in my product analysis. Using a variety of research resources, I came up with my own shortlist while keeping HPQC on the list to satisfy the IT manager.

With each vendor I attempted to identify pricing. Smaller competitors are the most transparent in providing prices. One of the best is Inflectra which posts its detailed (and simple) pricing on its Web site. But with HP, it took more effort to learn about pricing.

In short, it took a little effort to even get the attention of a sales person. Once I finally made contact all I was able to get was a “ballpark” quote of about $40,000 for a three-concurrent-user, annual license subscription (SaaS platform).

Inflectra’s posted pricing for its competitive product, SpiraTeam, is priced at slightly less than $900 annually for the same 3-concurrent-user SaaS license. At a price that’s about 44 times more expensive than its equally-capable competitor, you’d naturally assume HPQC would offer something to justify the huge price delta.

But that’s simply not the case. As an experienced ADLM tool guy, I’m what you’d call an educated buyer. Based on my own experience and my client’s requirements, I saw very little difference between HP’s and Inflectra’s products. Just like Gartner reports.

From my perspective, it’s easy to guess why HP doesn’t make many ADLM buyers’ shortlists. To remain competitive, HP will need to either quickly and substantially improve both its “ability to execute” and “completeness of vision.”  Or dramatically lower its pricing. A financially-struggling, publicly-held company like HP is unlikely to accomplish either.

Clearly, Inflectra’s SpiraTeam is disrupting this market. And deservedly so. If you’re in the market for an ADLM tool, I recommend you put SpiraTeam at the top of your shortlist.

Jim Reardan, Business and IT Process Management Consultant

"Allows us to manage multiple development projects"

We have been using SpiraTeam for well over 4 years now and have over 600 registered users with over 100 using the system at any one time. SpiraTeam allows us to manage multiple development projects detailing requirements, writing and executing test cases and mapping the two together. SpiraTeam provides a great defect tracking tool and is used internally and by clients alike.

Customisable workflows, SpiraTeam uses colour in the interface well to highlight high priority items. SpiraTeam supports multiple plugins and we have integrated with Jenkins. Good support with same day response normal.

Nick Gee, Test Functional Lead Salmon

"I'm a big fan of the application"

"I'm a big fan of the application. I manage the testing team for an IS department and was unhappy with the existing tools we had, so I evaluated a number of tools to replace what we used. The outcome put SpiraTest in the top 5. After using the free trial for a few weeks I was sold."

+ Excellent price: + Mature tool: + Good integration: + Good support:

Iain Keddie, IS Development Manager at ComputaCenter

"Best Customer Support ... in my 30-year career in IT"

Thanks for your quick and positive response. This is by far the best customer support I have ever experienced in my 30-year career in IT !!

Stephan Luik, Sr. Firmware Engineer, Ascom Wireless Solutions

"Vous êtes des vrais agiles!"

"Merci à toi pour cette réactivité que nous n’avons jamais observé chez nos autres éditeurs, vous êtes des vrais agiles, et donc un grand avenir pour vous chez nos clients en France et ailleurs !"

Hamid EL MRABET, Director at Sopra/Steria.

"Very flexible test management software"

Very happy with SpiraTeam; very flexible test management software. Great support team!!

Angella McKay from CRS

"Excellent product"

Overall SpiraTeam is an excellent product, very easy to use and testers love the set up. I have been setting it up onsite for a major client and showing their test team how to use the product. As well as the set up, I am also hooking it up to Rapise to get automated testing in place for a continuous deployment solution.

There have been one or two issues, however, the Inflectra support team are very, very quick to help and resolve any problems, and they also readily implement change suggestions if you come up with something that would be useful.

Amanda Jackson, Director at Beegle Ltd

"Happy with the product"

Great competitive price with good support and reliability. I would recommend.

Dimitri Dimopoulos of LexisNexis

"Usage of the tool is very intuitive"

We switched from HP Quality Center to SpiraTeam. Installation and buying process are easy and the support team is very helpful. Answers are coming fast and they are helpful. The usage of the tool is very intuitive and works with the different actual browsers on different platforms without any client installations (Windows, Mac OS X, iPad, Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome). A little bit more flexibility in the customization of the requirements module are appreciated.

Kai Gerhold of apartis Information Management

"Support is Excellent"

We have just started to work with SpiraTeam. What I can tell so far, support is excellent.

Bernd Bidlingmaier

"Quick to implement and easy to work with"

"As a QA Manager I've worked with many defect tracking systems and ALM tools including TFS and HP QC\ALM. SpiraTeam is quick to implement and easy to work with. The key is mapping out your hierarchy and workflows for the project or all your projects if you're creating a template. This makes creating future projects a snap. The ease and flexibility of creating a custom Issue workflow was also key to a quick implementation. SpiraTeam has good basic functionality covering the different SDLC artifacts Issues, Requirements, Test Management, Releases, etc... There may be some features higher tiered ALM tools may have, but if they're not must haves for your team then SpiraTeam is the way to go. I've worked with the Inflectra Support team on easy and very complex issues. They've been very responsive on their communication and followups. They're always a joy to work with."

Doug Gee

"Easy to use ALM tool at an affordable price"

We’ve been using SpiraTeam for test management for almost a year and already implemented 2 projects with it. User experience is great, since SpiraTeam is a lightweight tool and we hadn’t had any experience with such a tool before adopting SpiraTeam. The most value it adds to our test management process and to the company in general is that all test cases and test results are stored in a single repository, both manual and automated, and it is very easy to organize and find test cases or retrieve test results using filters.

We find particularly useful the options for test case re-use (linked test cases), separating test cases from test data (parameters), using test sets as containers for test cases, and using custom fields. We are eager to also adopt the other modules, especially incident management and requirements management, to benefit from the traceability between all the different artifacts we manage.

And yes, it is very important that all of this comes at an affordable price with really exclusive customer support - we purchased the Enterprise Edition and have no problems whatsoever with the number of concurrent users. We expect future releases of SpiraTeam to include customizable workflows for the other artifacts, not only for incidents, as well as enhanced search.


"Great RM/TM tool for the price"

Our company researched over 2 dozen tools while looking for a Req Mgmt/Test Mgmt solution. We are very pleased with our decision to use SpiraTeam. Several projects have adopted its use in the first few months of deployment, and all the internal reviews are positive. A common remark I hear is "The more I use SpiraTeam, the more I like it". As a result of our satisfaction with this tool we have also purchased Rapise for automated testing. Again we have been very pleased with the number of features and ease of use, not to mention its integration with SpiraTeam.

Kent Chambers

"Total value for money"

Total value for money, a customer service second to none, this is a vendor with the customer in focus. The application is very intuitive and meets all our current needs with plenty of room for growing.

I've looked at several applications in this segment and this comes out tops so far no doubt about it. If you've never had an ALM before or even a test management tool then you just can't lose. I'm expecting an ROI in man hours the first year of ownership not to mention the lift it will give to our working process along with job satisfaction for all our users.

David Bentham of Consafe Logistics AB

"Blown away with the level of functionality available with the tool"

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with both SpiraTeam and the level of support I have received for such an inexpensive tool solution. So much so we have decided to make a purchase.

I have managed testing for almost 15 years and have worked for one of the "Big Three" test tool providers in both sales and professional services capacities. I have both sold the tools and as a customer bought the tools and I thus understand the cost of ownership. Very expensive and usually in the range of 6 figures.

Currently the program I test is very bleeding edge. We are working with the latest releases of the latest SDK's building high-tech geospatial mapping software and experimental aircraft. We have a team of very experienced developers working in an Agile enviornment

After evaluating SpiraTeam recently, I have been simply blown away with the level of functionality available with the tool. It rivals the big-three and is a fraction of the cost. In some areas I think the functionality is even better than some of the big three. And quite intuitive for a tester in almost all areas.

Inflectra, where have you been all my life? I have wasted hundreds of thousands of customer dollars on large tools when your tool is available for a fraction of the cost. Nursing a well-developed bias against perceived "cheap tools", I have avoided even evaluating such tools in the past - other tools in this price range are generally completely unsuitable or developed for developers. I have previously been burned.

Not only this, but the price is such I am considering purchasing a copy myself in order to increase my value and offering to future clients. It is very affordable!

The level of support I have received - when I have been simply an evaluating customer - has been outstanding!

Henceforth I will be recommending Spira to all my clients for test and requirements management. Well done on such a brilliant tool.

Nick van der Net - Roames Project, Queensland, Australia.

"Impressed by how customizable the product is"

We have had great success implementing SpiraTeam and RemoteLaunch at our company. The customer support provided by Inflectra has been great. I would not hesistate to recommend them to anyone looking for an ALM tool.

My team and I have been using SpiraTeam for over a year now. We continue to be impressed by how customizable the product is. The ability to create custom workflows for Requirements and Incidents really allows us to make this product conform to our companies methodology. We aren't forced to follow a rigid methodology (Pure waterfall or Scrum). We can configure the application to follow our specific needs.

Brian Kratsch - Tolko

"Satisfied with Product Features, Service, Support"

I have had an excellent experience with Inflectra and the SpiraTeam product. I use it to track my own development efforts and have recommended it to several of my clients. All have been very satisfied with product features, customer service and technical support. Highly recommend Inflectra!

M Brian Dunson - MBD Consulting LLC

"I Really Love This Tool"

I really love this tool it does exactly what I need as a QA manager and gives me a lot of flexability. The best part is the service. From the phone support to the responsiveness of the development team I could not be happier with this purchase. This is the first application I have ever used that I could say that about. If you are looking for a tool to track Requirements, Releases, Test Cases, and Defects this is what you are looking for.

For me I look for a tool that allows me to get my job done faster and still provide me the data I need. This tool does that and with the enhancements that are planed it will actually be very valuable for other portions of our company. The other thing I look for is a responsive customer & tech support team. Inflectra has hands down the best support teams I have ever worked with. Makes all the difference when you can tell them what you need to product to do and the actually address your needs.

Daniel Hauser of RegEd

"Product does an outstanding job"

The product does an outstanding job on collecting the information needed to manage projects both large and small. The application has a good road map for future enhancements and helps me manage my projects without the normal amount of effort.

I would recommend this product to anyone who needs to manage a project with test cases and requirements.

Bill Owens - Affiliated Resource Group

"Just what our company was looking for"

Great features, such as integration into JIRA and Bugzilla, for issue tracking. Clean layout. Great price for the product and great customer support. I really recommend SpiraTeam. I have tested it thoroughly and found it to be just what our company was looking for.

Zeb Anderson - Mortenson Construction

"Performance... Great Support"

Recommend to everybody who wants very nice quality of your software:

  • Low cost
  • Performance
  • Great support
  • Product with the most important features
  • Easy to use
Roberley Antonio - Autotrac

"Reliable and well priced tool"

Excellent Value for Money, replacement for QC. We have used this tool for organisation of 50 users and it has worked perfectly. It has got all the features which a Test and Defect management tools should have. Reliable and well priced tool.

Rahul Sharma - ASOS

"We switched from MS TFS to SpiraTeam"

We use MS TFS for testing, requirements, projects and ALM; , and probably we switched from MS TFS to SpiraTeam. The product SpiraTeam is fantastic for us to manage our projects completely, easier, practical and more agile than the ALM tools from SmartBear and MS TFS.

In this moment, we are evaluated the free vesion of Rapise testing an Spira Test Installation The the support team is very helpful. Answers are coming fast and they are helpful. At the moment, I hadn't much time to test and use both products, but the usage of the tool is very intuitive in dot net and windows and IIS Servers

I hope work with the different browsers on different platforms without any client installations (Windows, Linux, Unix , Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome). A little bit more flexibility in the customization of the requirements module are appreciated.

- Raul from Ministerio de salud Pcia de Cordoba (Republic Argentina)