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From exploratory, to manual regression, to automated testing, Inflectra has powerful tools to help you create, run, and manage your tests.

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Our tools help you keep track of your code, bugs, user stories, and sprints. More importantly, they help you get back to coding.

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With Inflectra, you get a bird's eye view of all your projects, and can drill down fast to review burndowns, test coverage, resource capacity, and more.

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Our one goal is to help you succeed.

We care deeply about giving you the best quality service and support you've ever had.

We don't nickel and dime you.

Our pricing is based on concurrent -- not named -- users. Use 100% of each product -- no limits, ever. Unlimited API calls, users, items, and more.

Flexible, straightforward options.

Use the exact same tools on any device, either in the cloud or on your servers. Integrate with other tools easily. Sensible add-ons, when you need them.

Whatever Your Industry

Our customers work in every industry imaginable. We provide solutions that meet the wide variety of challenges they face. We highlighted a few below but feel free to explore more.

E for Energy and Industrial

nergy & Industrial

Energy & Industrial

When you need to test and validate critical systems for operational compliance and public safety, we have you covered.

F for Financial Services

inancial Services

Financial Services

We have the tools to help you develop, test and manage your systems, ensure regulatory compliance, and minimize risk.

H for Healthcare and Life Sciences

ealthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare & Life Sciences

We understand your world. Our solutions help you develop medical devices, validate patient systems, all with electronic signatures.

G for Government and Defense

overnment & Defense

Government & Defense

You have unique challenges. Our tools help you test and build critical systems, with end-to-end traceability, reporting and data security.

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Our Tools Adapt to Your Methodology

Our products do not force a methodology on you, they let you work your way.

A for Agile


We understand the demands of agile development -- you need your developers, testers and product owners working on the same page. We have tools that help you plan, develop, and test each release with ease.

S for Scrum and XP

Scrum & XP

When you are using Scrum and XP to deliver, you need each user story to be developed, tested and integrated in real time. Our tools automate and simplify the testing and delivery of each sprint.

K is for Kanban and Lean

Kanban & Lean

When using Kanban or another lean methodology, our tools give you the real-time visibility of your work in progress. They let you manage the flow of activities for development, testing, and maintenance projects.

W for Waterfall and Hybrid

Waterfall & Hybrid

When you need to use a waterfall or hybrid approach, our tools will help you gather requirements, write tests, and plan out a structured, phased approach, with end-to-end traceability and reporting.

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