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Say hello to test management done right. With Inflectra, you can say goodbye to paper, to spreadsheets, to wikis, to legacy testing applications. Our testing tools work together to make testers and the teams they work with more productive and more organized.

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Powerful Manual Testing With SpiraTest

Manual Testing

Manual testing is good for testing rapidly-changing applications, finding edge cases, and testing applications that are resistant to automation. SpiraTest®, our award-winning test management system makes manual testing and test management easy, with real-time dashboards and reporting.

Rapise Scriptless Automation

Test Automation

Automated testing saves time, improves quality, and prevents regression issues. Rapise®, our test automation platform, helps all testers create and manage automated tests - with both scriptless and coded tests. Rapise® offers unparalleled support for web, APIs, desktop, mobile, and complex applications such as Dynamics and Salesforce.

SpiraTest Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing

Automate the known, explore the unknown. Our flagship testing tool, SpiraTest®, has dedicated features specifically for exploratory testing. Testers can create a test case live while testing, and with a single click the whole team sees the results.

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Managing Teams

Integrate all your tests and bugs, in a single test management solution - SpiraTest®. Combine your automated tests from Inflectra's Rapise® and other tools, right alongside manual tests. Create bugs directly or sync with tools like Jira. With custom reports, live dashboards, and full traceability, every team can feed into the testing process.

Learn about Testing Methods

As software applications get ever more complex and intertwined and with the large number of different platforms and devices that need to get tested, it is more important than ever to have a robust testing methodology for making sure that software products/systems being developed have been fully tested to make sure they meet their specified requirements and can successfully operate in all the anticipated environments with the required usability and security.

This guide to software testing explains the various different types of testing methods, and how you can put them together into an effective and efficient software testing plan.

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"I advise everybody to use SpiraTest"

In our company we began using SpiraTest to run our automated tests and also getting the test run results both for manual and automated tests. It's quite powerful. Short time ago I had some difficulties on integrating Selenium WebDriver tests to SpiraTest. I wrote emails directly to Inflectra and in a very short time they answered with some advices. It didn't work at first sight, so I wrote back and they replied quite quickly. Customer Service is great, they don't stop till giving you the right answer. I advise everybody to use SpiraTest.
Bilge Vebilge, Gosb