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From the first standup, through every milestone, review, and client meeting - the manager is there. And we're right by your side.

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Managing a software project, or a program of projects takes incredible skill, will, and energy. At Inflectra, we help you focus on problem solving, not fighting your ALM tool. Our tools will help you and your teams deliver smarter, from day one.

For All Stages of Product Delivery

Planning Build and manage your team with SpiraTeam

Enabling Teams

Key to any project is getting the right people working in the right way together. Use SpiraTeam® or SpiraPlan® to create the perfect team for your project. Easily assign tasks, bugs, tests, or user stories to the best person. Quickly check in on progress from anywhere.

Powerful project management and dashboards with SpiraTeam

Leading Projects

You need a tool that tracks every part of your project. A tool that takes all of these parts and turns them into meaningful, actionable data. A tool that adapts to your methodology and processes. You need SpiraTeam®, a tool that does all this and more.

Review the health of your program with customizable dashboards and charts

Managing Programs

As your portfolio grows, your management tool has to grow with you. SpiraPlan® gives you a birds eye view across all your projects and programs. Keep things running smoothly with a program level planning board. Manage releases and top risks and issues with dedicated program tools.

KronoDesk has powerful forum, knowledge base, ticketing, and reporting tools

Responding to Customers

After release, it's time to sit back and relax, right? Thought not. You need customer feedback, good and bad. You need KronoDesk®, our customer support platform. It gives you an end-to-end flow of information from your customers to help you shape the next release.

Learn About Agile Product Management

If you were to accept what some experts say then you would believe that the Product Management role within Agile environments no longer exists. It has gone. The Product Manager is no more. While one of the practical effects of Agile processes is the short, iterative-style development cycles - agility is foremost about teamwork.

This guide to agile product management, outlines how the role of the product manager has evolved in agile methodologies, and includes best practices for how to setup your project teams and programs to successfully include the responsibilities of product management.


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"Great Tool For The Entire Project Life Cycle"

We have been using SpiraTeam within our organization for quite a few years. SpiraTeam is very easy to use, and is a great way to help track, maintain and troubleshoot an entire project, from the planning stages, to implementation, to enhancement requests and software bug and defect resolution. I would recommend SpiraTeam to any organization looking for a straightforward, easy to use tool.
Erin Egleston, ASI Business Solutions, Inc