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We make tools that mold to how developers work. From DevOps, to source code, to issue tracking, to automation, with Inflectra you can have a tool chain that works for your dev teams.

Features Coders Geek Out About

TaraVault Source Code Management

Source Code Management

We provide safe, secure, and accessible source code hosting with TaraVault®, for Git, Subversion, or both. Even if you host the code yourself, you still get amazing source code browsing, commits and pull requests baked into SpiraTeam® - our web-based ALM tool.

Integration With Visual Studio IDE

IDE Integration

We don't want developers to have to leave their IDE to check in. We provide easy to use plugins to the biggest IDEs on the planet. From Visual Studio to Eclipse, IntelliJ to GoLand. No Emacs or Vim yet (sorry).

Easily track builds from your continuous integration system, straight fom SpiraTeam

Continuous Integration

Use SpiraTeam® as the central hub to track and manage each part of your CI chain. We integrate with Jenkins and other build servers, support loads of languages (like Python, Java, C#, Javascript), and connect with SCM tools such as Git and Subversion.

Easily track bugs and incidents using SpiraTeam or SpiraPlan

Bug & User Story Tracking

Get on top of your projects the right way. Create user stories, assign them to sprints, set deadlines, and get to work. Get notifications (or not) when bugs and tasks come in. It's all assignable and trackable from flexible planning boards and powerful dashboards.

Diagram showing how to automate all your tests using SpiraTeam and Rapise

Automation Tools

Spend less time performing tedious setup and teardown tasks, and more time developing. Our Rapise® automation platform lets you perform robotic automation of common tasks with simple record and play of your actions.

Learn about DevOps

The goal of DevOps is to automate as many of the steps as possible between an idea being formed and the finished code being released into production. This shrinks the time between someone coming up with the idea of a new product or business and the new product being available in the marketplace.

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Easy To Migrate

It's super easy to switch to our tools. Migrate your code, scripts, issues, and more. (Don't worry, we also have a ton of ways to export your data.)

Free Trials

No credit cards, no contracts, no hassles. You can trial all of our products in the cloud or on your own servers, and all for a generous thirty days.

Service You'll Love

Best practice baked into every product, dozens of integrations, common sense options, first class support every time. That's what our customers love about working with us.

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"Excellent package, it helped improve our internal processes"

We migrated from Axosoft to SpiraTeam and couldn't be happier. For us, the power of SpiraTeam is the way it ties everything together... it is clear what is being included in each release, and it improves communication between our project managers and the developers...

We've been happy with the results the few times we have needed to call [support]. These days it is relatively unusual to call a company and have your call answered by a real live person, a person who has a detailed understanding of the product...

Setup was easy, and the performance is excellent. We looked at a lot of products in this space, from open source to very expensive. SpiraTeam was the best choice for us, and we've never regretted the purchase.

Kevin Tory, Sherpa Software