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Complete Feature List

KronoDesk has a powerful range of help desk and customer support features:

General Features
Free upgrades and support for 1 year from date of purchase Checked
Unlimited help desk tickets, support forums and knowledge base articles Checked
Cross-browser web interface with highly responsive AJAX screens. Checked
Support mobile devices including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Checked
Clean and powerful user interface Checked
All editions allow unlimited customer user accounts Checked
Built-in screenshot capture capability Checked
Full Unicode Extended Character Support Checked
Support for Multiple Languages Checked
WYSIWYG Rich Text Editing Checked
Web Services SOAP and REST APIs to enable integration with other tools/applications Checked
Data import wizard that allows easy migration of existing data via Microsoft Excel Checked
Customer Dashboard
Displays list of recent forum posts Checked
Displays list of most highly viewed knowledge base articles Checked
Displays list of recent knowledge base articles Checked
Provides convenient starting place for searching knowledge base, forums or submitting help desk ticket. Checked
Integrated RSS newsreader lets you publish company/product news to customer support page. Checked
Support Agent Dashboard
Consolidated view of information to make life easier for support agents. Checked
Displays list of agent's assigned tickets Checked
Displays list of unassigned tickets that the agent can self-assign Checked
Displays list of recent forum posts that the agent may want to respond to Checked
Displays list of subscribed threads that the agent wants to actively monitor Checked
Integrated RSS newsreader lets you publish company/product news to support agents. Checked
Help Desk Ticketing
Easy to user web-based help desk ticket submission page Checked
Support for custom fields to help categorize incoming tickets Checked
Ability to specify fields as being hidden, disabled and/or required depending on product selection Checked
Customer can attach documents, files, web links and screenshots to help desk tickets Checked
Support for custom fields to help categorize incoming tickets Checked
Support agents can sort, search and filter help desk tickets by different fields Checked
Customizable workflow engine that lets you tailor the actions that agents can perform and the fields they can change. Checked
Support agents can attach comments and notes to the support tickets to request more information and propose solutions. Checked
Support agents can view the entire change history for a specific help desk ticket. Checked
Customers can log new help desk tickets by simply sending a emails into the support email address, KronoDesk will parse the email and create a new help desk ticket, including any attached documents. Checked
Customers can reply to existing help desk tickets through email, with KronoDesk intelligently reading the email and adding the comments/information to the appropriate tickets. Checked
Email addresses CCed to the support email are automatically attached to the help desk ticket and included on all outbound email notifications. Checked
Customer support agents can add additional CCed email addresses to existing support tickets. Checked
Ability to merge duplicate tickets into a single ticket with the combined message thread. Checked
Support agents can create product defects in SpiraTeam linked to the current ticket. Checked
Support Forums
Ability to organize forums into different categories and link categories to different products Checked
Forums can contain an unlimited number of threads and messages Checked
Users can search or browse forums to find solutions to their issues. Checked
Registered users and customers can create new support forum threads and post replies to existing threads. Checked
Registered users and customers can subscribe to specific threads or forums Checked
Registered users and customers can view their subscribed items as an RSS newsfeed. Checked
The system automatically tracks which forums and threads the user has seen so that they can quickly and easily see which forums and threads contain new items. Checked
Forum and Thread URLs optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Checked
Knowledge Base
Ability to organize knowledge base articles into different categories and link categories to different products Checked
Articles can be shared amongst multiple categories. Checked
Categories can be organized into a hierarchy with unlimited number of levels Checked
Customers and support agents can search, sort and filter the knowledge base by any of the fields and by keyword Checked
Tag cloud that displays the meta-tags associated with different articles and illustrates the number of articles associated with each tag. Checked
Support agents can attach documents, files, web links and screenshots to knowledge base articles. Checked
Ability to view article details together with links to related articles. Checked
Ability to auto-suggest articles when the user starts to enter a help desk ticket. Checked
Shortcuts that let support agents quickly insert KB article links into help desk tickets Checked
Users, Groups and Organizations
Users can be either external (customers) or internal (support agents) with internal users able to log new tickets on behalf of customers. Checked
External users can be grouped into customer 'organizations' that allow supervisors to see all tickets in the organization, reassign tickets, and make updates to them. Checked
Internal users can be assigned to 'employee groups' that let customer support managers assign tickets to either individual support agents or groups related to a specific product or team. Checked
Import users from existing LDAP / ActiveDirectory server, with integrated authentication. Reuse existing passwords Checked
Customizable Reporting
Library of standard graphical graphs including ticket creation/closure rates, cumulative ticket counts, ticket aging and turnaround times. Checked
Custom ticket graphs that lets you pick the x-axis and group-by fields from any standard or custom field. Checked
Ability to view the data-grid associated with any of the graphs and export to a CSV / Excel file. Checked
Library of printable customer support reports including: help desk tickets, customer organizations, users, and knowledge base articles. Checked
Ability to customize the reports to include different types of information Checked
Ability to filter the reports by date ranges Checked
Ability to filter the reports by various parameters (e.g. display only open, high priority tickets) Checked
Multi-format reporting, including HTML, Acrobat PDF, or MS-Word narrative style and HTML or MS-Excel tabular style. Checked
Ability to configure list of different product definitions, with associated workflows and categories. Checked
Ability to customize ticket priorities, statuses, types and resolutions Checked
Ability to configure help desk ticket custom properties and custom lists. Checked
Ability to customize the application text, colors and imagery to match your company's branding without any scripting or coding. Checked
Ability to setup different ticket workflows for different product types and customize ticket fields by workflow. Checked
Ability to setup custom email templates to provide tailored information and to match company branding. Checked
Built-in integration with SpiraTeam® to allow support agents to log incidents in SpiraTeam from KronoDesk help desk tickets. Checked
Changes to linked SpiraTeam® incidents displayed in KronoDesk in real-time, providing support agents with real-time visibility of incident updates. Checked