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SpiraPlan Azure DevOps Pipelines Support ADO Releases

December 9, 2021

During a recent demonstration of the SpiraPlan integration with Microsoft Azure DevOps (ADO) we had a customer ask us if the integration between SpiraPlan and Azure DevOps Pipelines for continuous integration and continuous deployment worked for both the development build pipelines and the release deployment pipelines. This blog explains the difference and demonstrates how SpiraPlan can integrate with both kinds.

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Spotlight on Spira 6.13 - Additional Custom Property Types

November 3, 2021

The upcoming release of our Spira platform includes a new set of custom property types in addition to the eight existing types already in the system. These new types are designed to increase the flexibility and security of the system. We have introduced a new password custom property type that lets you securely store test data in the system for use in manual and automated testing. In addition, we have added release and automation host custom property types to assist in common use cases.

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Spira 5.0 - Releases that Roll Up

November 25, 2015

We often think of a release as a simple idea, you have a new version (say 1.0) of a product and you plan on releasing it on a specific date. You might then divide up that release into either iterations or sprints if you're using an agile approach or perhaps phases if using a waterfall one. You then want to be able to report at the project, release and iteration level. Well after much feedback from customers, we found that customers need more than that...

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