Recording of Agile Project Management Webinar using SpiraPlan

July 21st, 2017 by inflectra

Many of our customers choose SpiraPlan or SpiraTeam because they are using agile methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban and need a powerful tool to manage their project backlogs, releases, sprints, iterations and programs. They are often using different tools for planning, bug tracking and requirements which hampers the ability to see the status of their project in one place.

The webinar discusses how to setup a new project in SpiraPlan, creating your Releases and Sprints, and adding Components to the project. It then demonstrates how to add new requirements and user stories to your product backlog, perform backlog prioritization and grooming, and then plan the requirements for each release and sprint/iteration:

It also covers when to create tasks in a Scrum project, how to manage the tasks for each requirement and user story, how to log bugs and defects, and how to include them in your sprint or release plan. Finally, the webinar includes a discussion of program planning and how to get a cross-project, program wide view of your plan:

During the webinar, the presenter also covers aspects of writing good user stories, and if you would like more information on user story writing, please take a look at this useful guide to User Story writing:

If you have more questions about using SpiraPlan for the first time, we also recommend that you read the SpiraPlan Quick Start Guide.

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