Introducing… Dark Mode For Spira

July 10th, 2019 by inflectra

As of version 6.1 SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, and SpiraPlan sport a gorgeous new dark mode. We have reworked every part of the application to give you an easy on the eyes, fully dark experience. It helps you focus on your work and focus on the content most important to you. SpiraPlan is now the first test management tool, the first ALM tool, and the first portfolio management tool to have an in-house, native dark mode.*


What do you have to do to start using dark mode?

Nothing (almost).

If you are using a modern browser, and on an operating system that supports dark modes (macOS Mojave on newer, iOS13+, Windows 10) Spira will automatically go dark, when you set your operating system to dark.



Not everyone likes dark so it is entirely optional. You can manually turn dark mode on (or off). Click on your user icon in the global navigation bar. The dropdown now has an extra item for your color mode. It defaults to “auto”. Click it to cycle through dark mode, then light mode, then back to auto mode. That is all there is to it.

Of course, under the hood there is a little more to it. We did more than just invert a bunch of colors. With a dark mode, some things can get lost in the background in a way they don’t on a white background. For instance buttons. In light mode / classic mode, our buttons are the same color as their background, but in dark mode we make them stand out just a little bit, to help orient users in the application.


We hope you enjoy the great new experience that dark mode brings to using Spira.


* We did our best to research other applications in these fields, but if we missed one that has a native dark mode please let us know.

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