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May 30th, 2017 by inflectra

Team Inflectra was excited last week to present at the SQADAYS 21 testing conference in Moscow. Leading practitioners in Software Quality Assurance attended the XXI International Conference of Software Quality Assurance in Moscow, on May 26-27, 2017  to share knowledge on test automation, quality assurance and all things software testing. Our colleagues Denis Markovtsev and Alexey Grinevich attended the event, with Denis speaking on the topic of best practices for testing an application that is constantly being upgraded.

Preparing for the Event

In preparation for the event, Denis took some well needed time to mentally prepare for his presentation:

The Start of SQADAYS21

As Team Inflectra arrived, the stage was being set for the start of two days of great speakers and presentations at SQADAYS21:

The were tables welcoming the attendees, with materials and information on software testing, test automation and quality assurance. The organizers had put on a great spread with refreshments, including much needed coffee.

Denis' Presentation

Team Inflectra was all ready for the big moment. Denis Markovtsev was setup with the microphone and presentation. His talk on the challenges automating applications that are being constantly upgraded (e.g. MS Outlook running on MS Azure) was well received:

The audience had lots of questions for Denis, since complex cloud applications are becoming increasing common in the list of top testing challenges.

There was a good audience, that asked lots of insightful questions.


With the talk over, the audience gathered around Denis to ask questions and find out how they could learn more about the solutions that were presented. Don't worry if you couldn't make the talk or if you had questions remaining, Denis will be hosting a Webinar on using Rapise to test complex applications this week on June 1st.



With the presentations completed, all of the speakers could relax and the attendees could celebrate and meet other testers in the community at the end of conference party:



The following presentation was made by Denis Markovtsev during the SQADAYS conference in Moscow on May 26-27th, 2017. It was given by Denis Markovtsev of Inflectra and provides a case study in how to automate the UI testing of a rapidly evolving cloud-based application that has a complex user interface. We have included both the English and Russian versions of the slides:

Automated Testing of Uncontrollably Upgrading Application - English

Automated Testing of Uncontrollably Upgrading Application - Russian

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