How to Connect to InflectraCon 2020 Virtual | September 29, 12 AM (EDT)

September 28th, 2020 by inflectra

InflecraCON 2020 Virtual is tomorrow! 

Well, technically it kicks off on September 29 at 12 AM (EDT), so depending on your time zone, it may already be tomorrow where you are! 


Join our multi-track, four-day virtual conference focusing on software testing, agile methodologies, DevOps, and program management with Inflectra®'s platform. The program is fully on-demand (like Netflix) and includes workshops, thought leadership from industry experts, examples of real-life application of Inflectra® systems, and deep-dives into testing, requirements, and agile management, test automation, and business intelligence.


If you are wondering how to access our very own CONNECT platform where InflectraCon 2020 takes place, keep reading below: 

How do I Connect to the Conference

Welcome to CONNECT - InflectraCon’s conference platform and your gateway to over 80 cutting-edge talks on agile, software testing, DevOps, QA, AI, and automation.

If you have a free pass for the Thought Leadership and Inflectra In Real Life (IRL) tracks you do not need a password, you can access each day's programming directly from the Connect website.

If you have a Full Access of SuperFan tickets, you should have received an email with the password, if not, please email as soon as possible.

Collaborating on Discord

To be part of the event and communicate with speakers, sponsors, and other attendees, please make sure you sign up for a free Discord account and then go to our #front-desk/Discord channel and request your role to be adjusted in accordance to your ticket type. 


We are super excited to welcome you all to InflectraCon 2020 Virtual!


Let's have some fun!

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