What is Sprint & Iterations Planning?

Once you have defined the project backlog of requested features (requirements), SpiraTeam lets you plan the work to be accomplished in each Iteration/Sprint. You can include requirements, tasks and defects - allowing you to determine the schedule impact of addressing critical issues as well as pre-planned features.

Iteration / Sprint Planning

The sprints / iterations in SpiraTeam can be tailored to match your development schedule. The iterations can be arranged in series or parallel, with notional project team sizes configured to enable accurate planning of the available work.

Iteration / Sprint Backlogs

The requirements, user stories, tasks and outstanding bugs and issues can be scheduled against the different iterations in the release. The system will calculate the available effort as requirements are added.

Task Tracking

SpiraTeam allows you to plan and track project tasks for each sprint or iteration. You can search, filter and sort the list of tasks to quickly find those that are behind schedule or are late starting.

This allows you to track the progress of the tasks in the system and determine if tasks are suffering from schedule overrun or estimate inflation. In addition, you can compare actuals for continuous process improvement.

Task Boards

For Agile Scrum projects, you will typically need to track the tasks for each user story in each iteration or sprint. SpiraTeam includes a drag-and-drop task board that makes viewing and reassigning tasks easy.

Bug / Issue Planning

SpiraTeam includes the ability to display the list of bugs and defects in the system in a convenient Agile Kanban board, so that you can easily plan and track the support and maintenance activities on the project.

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