Inflectra Partnership Guide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This quick-start guide answers common questions regarding the Inflectra Partner Program, becoming an Inflectra partner, and the benefits and qualifications of a partnership. It also covers basic questions surrounding leads, sales, & renewals.

General Questions

Why should I become an Inflectra Partner?

As a fast-growing, global tech company based in the USA, we at Inflectra are dedicated to making the best and most versatile software possible. Our focus is on building highly reliable, functional software while delivering quality support and service. As a market leader in software test management, test automation, application lifecycle management, and enterprise portfolio and risk management space, we serve customers in every industry by offering our framework-agnostic platforms: SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, SpiraPlan, Rapise, and KronoDesk.

As we continue to grow, we look to partner with others who wish to deliver the best possible service to customers and work towards mutual success. What sets our Partner Program apart is the numerous benefits and advantages that come with an Inflectra partnership:

  • Competitive commission on delivered sales
  • A multi-tiered and flexible partnership structure
  • Partner certifications & badges
  • Sales & tools training and support
  • Curated leads
  • Partner-exclusive events, joint webinars, and co-marketing campaigns
  • Access to resources on the dedicated Partner Portal
  • Free / discounted licenses on Inflectra tools for partner’s internal use and training

By partnering with Inflectra, we promise to give you the support you need to succeed, grow your business, increase your revenue, and expand your expertise.

Why are there different categories and tiers of partners?

We recognize that in order to best support our diverse and growing partner ecosystem, we need a flexible structure that allows our partners to find the role that best fits their and their customers’ needs. We also acknowledge that our partners vary in size, capacity, and expertise, and we want you to thrive in your desired level of engagement.

What is a Solution Partner? Why are there different tiers?

A Solution Partner is an Inflectra affiliate, reseller, consultant, and/or trainer who provides and implements customer solutions with Inflectra products. We offer Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers so that Solution Partners can choose the level of engagement at which they wish to participate.

What is a Technology Partner?

A Technology Partner works collaboratively with Inflectra to integrate and deliver joint technology solutions to shared customers. They optimize Inflectra solutions with plug-ins, adapters, connectors, and technical services.

What is a Training & Implementation Partner?

A Training & Implementation Partner has extensive knowledge about Inflectra’s platforms and has forged a strong relationship with us. As trusted partners, they offer customers presales consulting, implementation and installation services, and/or product training. These partners also remain in close and frequent contact with us to stay informed about the latest updates from Inflectra and its software solutions.

What are the benefits of becoming an Inflectra partner?

There are many benefits to joining our Partner Program! Partnering with us offers access to a broader range of expertise for your business, increases your revenue, creates strategic connections and more business opportunities, and provides moral & technical support. These are only to name a few.

Becoming an Inflectra partner

How do I become a partner?

If you are interested in becoming an Inflectra partner, the first step is to contact us. We will meet to discuss partnership goals, target industries and/or geographies, value adds, competitive advantages and landscape, and overall company alignment. If we are a right fit for each other, we will begin the partnership process!

You will first sign a written Partnership Agreement. Once that is done, we will create your Inflectra account, where you will have access to Inflectra tools and the Partner Portal. There, you can complete the Inflectra onboarding process with our support along the way. After you have completed these steps and you have a concrete idea of your role, benefits, and qualifications, congratulations! You are now an Inflectra partner. At this point, you can start working toward your Inflectra certification.

What does it mean to be an Inflectra-certified partner, and how can I become one?

To become an Inflectra-Certified partner, you must complete training material available in Inflectra Campus. We currently offer Spira and Rapise Fundamentals courses that covers the foundations of SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, SpiraPlan, and Rapise. As we build out Inflectra Campus, we plan to release more courses covering KronoDesk, sales techniques, and more. As these courses roll out, we expect our partners to complete each corresponding certification to remain certified.

Will I be listed on the Inflectra website?

Yes! If you are a Technology Partner, Training & Implementation Partner, or a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Solution Partner, you will be listed on the Inflectra website. If you are a Bronze Solution Partner (affiliate or reseller), you will be included in a partner directory on our website.

Where can I access onboarding information?

You can access onboarding information through several avenues. Once you create an Inflectra account, you will have access to our Partner Portal with all onboarding materials available. If you are in the process of getting your account approved, here are several resources to get you started:

  • Our Spira Academy offers a Spira Fundamentals course that covers the foundations of SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, and SpiraPlan. It covers business processes, application lifecycle management, and how to use Spira’s different modules.
  • To be certified in Spira Fundamentals, you can complete the certification test to test your knowledge.
  • Our Rapise Academy offers a Rapise Fundamentals course that covers the concepts of test automation for both UI and API testing as well as how to use Rapise for automating UI and API tests.
  • Discover the finer points of Inflectra’s software platforms through step-by-step video tutorials and getting-started guides for SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, SpiraPlan, Rapise, and KronoDesk.
  • Here is a SpiraPlan slide deck that lays out the basics of this agile enterprise management tool.

Is there a Partner Portal? What resources are available there?

A Partner Portal is available for all partners using their Inflectra login. There, you can find onboarding materials, educational and sales enablement resources, and a quote generator. You will also be able to set up trial accounts for your customers and users.

How do I get trained on Inflectra tools?

There are many ways that you can get trained on Inflectra platforms:

  • Live or pre-recorded demos directly from us.
  • Spira Academy’s Spira Fundamentals course that covers the foundations of SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, and SpiraPlan. It covers business processes, application lifecycle management, and how to use Spira’s different modules. Please note that you can complete the certification test to test your knowledge and get certified in Spira Fundamentals.
  • Rapise Academy's Rapise Fundamentals course that covers the concepts of test automation for both UI and API testing as well as how to use Rapise for automating UI and API tests.
  • Step-by-step video tutorials and getting-started guides for SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, SpiraPlan, Rapise, and KronoDesk.
  • SpiraPlan slide deck lays out the basics of this agile enterprise management tool.
  • InflectraCon Training Pack on Vimeo: please contact us for a partner-specific discount.

What is your badge rewards system? How can I receive a badge from Inflectra?

As a part of our Partner Program, we offer badges that recognize each partner’s accomplishments and areas of expertise. This badge system will also allow customers to find a partner through the Inflectra website that best suits their needs.

To get a badge, you must complete badge-specific training. Once complete, Inflectra will verify your training and update your status on our website. For example, once you complete the Spira Fundamentals certification test, you will receive the Spira Academy-Certified badge.

Responsibilities as an Inflectra partner

What are the qualifications for becoming an Inflectra partner?

Inflectra offers different partnership types based on the partner’s qualifications. Your qualifications will shift depending on the partner path you choose. In this brochure, you will find an in-depth review of partner qualifications according to your partner and tier type.

How do I maintain a partner status with Inflectra?

To maintain your partnership with us, you must continue to meet the qualifications of your partner type. If not, you risk dropping tier levels or losing your partnership with Inflectra. Learn more about qualifications here.

Can I do my own demos?

Yes! But before you start giving demos, you must get demo-certified by us. To be considered demo-certified, we will ask you to give us a demo to ensure that you have a deep understanding of Inflectra software products. When you become demo-certified, you will get a Badge to mark the occasion.

Leads, sales, & renewals

How do I know if my lead is qualified?

Qualifying a lead helps ensure that Inflectra is the right fit for a prospective client and that the lead meets the requirements needed to purchase Inflectra products. This qualification process stands to avoid investing time and resources in pursuing a lead who isn’t in the position to invest in Inflectra platforms or whose needs might be better served elsewhere.

The best way to qualify a lead is to ask them questions that will help determine whether Inflectra tools are the right fit:

  • What issue does the potential client need solved, and can Inflectra solve this problem?
  • Does the prospective client have the necessary budget to purchase the product?
  • Does the potential lead have the authority to make a purchase, or are there additional people you need to speak with?
  • When is the lead looking to make a purchase?

Once you understand what your lead needs, what they can deliver, and if Inflectra tools can solve their issues, then you can judge whether or not to move forward with qualifying the lead and contacting an Inflectra sales representative.

I have a lead! But the prospect needs help regarding the product that I cannot provide. What should I do?

If you reach a stage where you are unsure of how you can help a prospective client if they are having trouble understanding Inflectra products, first ensure that the lead is qualified. Once this step is complete, inquire more about the current tools they are using and what issues they need solved. Here are some sample questions to get you started:

  • What industry do they work in?
  • What tools or systems are they currently using, and why aren’t these sufficient?
  • Are there any integrations that they would like to use with our products (e.g., Jira)?
  • Do they need a demo? If so, what would they like demo-ed (SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, SpiraPlan, Rapise, KronoDesk)?
  • How many users do they have?

Once you have this information, contact us and we can assess the next steps necessary to ensure that they receive the clarification they need. All customers and prospective clients can also reach out by emailing us at

Do I receive curated leads from Inflectra?

If you are a Training and Implementation Partner or a Gold or Platinum Solution Partner, you will receive curated leads.

I found a lead and nurtured them through the sales process. But my prospect bought directly from the Inflectra website. Is all my hard work lost?

Nope! You will receive your commission, if:

  • you have mentioned the prospect at the start of the sales engagement
  • we can ascertain that you have brought us the client.

Is there guidance on registering my potential client for a trial?

You can easily set up a trial for your client using the Partner Portal. If you are having trouble, contact us at, and we can help set it up for you.

A customer I brought to Inflectra is likely to renew their subscription/contract for another year. Do I get a share of the renewal?

Yes and no - it depends on the situation. The general rule is that we do not offer exclusivity; the client is not tied to a specific reseller after the initial purchase. The client has the right to select a different reseller to renew the service, upgrade, or purchase additional products after the first year.

However, if we feel that the partner has invested a lot of time and energy into the client, we can register the partner as an affiliate when we process the initial purchase. This ensures that the partner receives a commission on all following renewal orders from the same account.

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