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Adam Sandman, CEO of Inflectra, Interviewed by Big Business Show

October 3, 2022

Our very own Adam Sandman was interviewed by Bob "Sully" Sullivan and Russ T Nailz from the Big Biz Show. During the interview, Adam informs viewers about quality and risk in mission-critical and safety-critical industries. Between the comedic tone and unique setting (a bar), listeners felt as if they were hearing a conversation about Adam's professional history, Inflectra's products and capabilities, and other software topics between a few friends on their night out - it was a one of a kind opportunity!

If you want to be entertained, informed, and witness this fun interview - view more to access t.

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Who Does Nathan Latka Call "The Real Unicorn" And Why?

June 29, 2022

A few weeks ago, Inflectra’s CEO - Adam Sandman, was invited for an Interview with Nathan Latka - a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of FounderPath. Unlike what you’d expect from an interview with a tech company founder - i.e., a pre-cleared set of interview questions - the two launched into an honest discussion in less than 30 seconds after meeting each other for the first time. The result is a candid view of Inflectra, its business model, company culture, profits, business practices, and its founder - Adam Sandman - aka - “The Real Unicorn.”

Find out how & why Adam got this nickname in a short (admittedly, very fast-paced) conversation below!

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Testing Tool Interview: SpiraTest (QA TestingTools.Com)

May 12, 2015

Finding the best test management solution for your needs can be a tough task for organizations at times. With a variety of tools heading neck-to-neck in the market, a Quality and Test Management software to support your quality assurance, application security, and performance validation can lead to a lot of confusion. Read More