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SpiraPlan Brings Harmony to Jira and Azure DevOps

March 5, 2020

During our InflectraCon conference last year, one of the key themes was Harmony, and how Inflectra's software and products can foster harmony in the software development and testing lifecycle. One of the key ways we do this is by making it easy for teams to work in their favorite tools and have the data be available to other teams seamlessly. Many customers have teams using a combination of different Atlassian Jira instances, Microsoft Azure DevOps instances and other tools. In this article I will be discussing how such heterogeneous environments can benefit from SpiraPlan.

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Inflectra Creates Harmony in the Software Development Universe

September 27, 2019

The tempo of software development is always increasing. With the adoption of agile methodologies, the move to continuous integration and deployment, and the use of DevOps platforms, it seems that everything needs to be done faster. In this maelstrom of activity, we at Inflectra want to help customers avoid the chaos of missed deadlines, and unfulfilled requirements... and bring harmony. Learn how and why!

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