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Spotlight on Rapise 7.0 - New Spira Dashboard

June 28, 2021

Two of the major features in our most recent release of Rapise are the completely overhauled Spira Dashboard and the new support for handling the bane of test automation engineers everywhere - flaky tests! In this article we shed some light on the new dashboard in Rapise 7.0.

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System Administrators Are People Too!

August 29, 2018

One of the unfortunate realities of software development is that the system administrators are usually the last people to get new features. When products are adding new goodies, improving usability or looking to streamline workflows, the administrators are usually an afterthought. Well, as we're working on the new templating and program management features in Spira 6.0, we have made sure to improve the experience for system and project administrators at the same time.

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