What Do Knoxville, TN & Lexington, KY Tech Meet-Ups Have In Common?

October 8th, 2018 by inflectra

Well, other than geography (both are in North America, and are predominantly English-language groups), they also are the proud recipients of an Inflectra sponsorship in 2018!

Knox QA and Bluegrass IIBA Chapter in Lexington, KY are volunteer-run groups that strive to build the community of practice centered around professional excellence in tech, business management and analytics. They both have a vibrant local following, and an active meet-up culture that is nurturing, inclusive and supportive.  That is why Inflectra is helping the two groups by rewarding their hard work and enthusiasm.

Meet The Recipients:

Knox QA is a group for software quality assurance professionals from Knoxville, TN. The group organizers approached Inflectra in August 2018 to secure financial support to continue to bring together tech professionals through networking, continued education and generalized merry-making.

The Bluegrass IIBA Chapter in Lexington, KY is the latest group to join Inflectra's sponsorship initiative. The group is a non-profit professional association open to people in the disciplines of business management, project & product management, quality assurance and quality control.

By design, our sponsorship works in different ways for each of these groups, and underscores Inflectra’s desire to meet the groups where they are and to support them seamlessly and effectively. These are relationships based on trust that Inflectra hopes to nurture into the future.  

Why Do It?

About two years ago, Inflectra embarked on a journey of corporate social responsibility with Inflectra Gives Back campaign. The campaign uses a multi-faceted approach to help company be present in the life of the community around it, to support the groups and individuals interested in learning about technology and growing their skills in the space of software development, agile management, software testing and process automation.

Within this campaign, Inflectra hosted several events for the DC area tech community focusing on the transfer of knowledge, job searches, and professional growth. For the more competitively inclined, Inflectra organized three separate software testing competitions called Social Testing tournaments. For busy professionals, the company is running regular webinars that are absolutely free. For student and recent graduates, Inflectra ran an internship program throughout 2017 and 2018. 

Throughout this time, Inflectra has actively sought to sponsor the work of tech meet-ups in the DC area and beyond.

The sponsorship opportunities are still available for those who are interested. So if you have a group you’d like to nominate for sponsorship consideration by Inflectra, please contact Inflectra at marketing@inflectra.com. Applications are accepted on a regular basis. 

We hope to hear from you!



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