Updated Product Roadmaps for SpiraTeam, SpiraTest, and SpiraPlan Released

October 30th, 2017 by inflectra

We are pleased to release the updated Development Roadmaps for our SpiraTeam application lifecycle management platform. The development roadmaps outline the functionality enhancements planned for later this year and 2018 and covers the features planned for SpiraTest, SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam.

How Did We Plan the Roadmap?

Well of course, we use our own SpiraTeam instance to plan the next versions of our products. With the SpiraTeam planning board available on a couple of iPads, the team reviewed what was logged in product backlog and used a whiteboard to brainstorm which items should be in the next release:


Although it is great to be able to use SpiraTeam to have a record of all our customers' requests and items in the backlog, nothing beats having a real-time conversation when deciding what will make the next release (v5.4) awesome.

So, What's Planned in Version 5.4?

Well, could tease you and show you what we wrote on the whiteboard:

However, after the meeting was done, we went back into our planning board to update what made the cut:

However, to make it easier, here's the planned list of enhancements for SpiraTeam v5.4 taken from the updated Development Roadmap:

  • New charts and graphs added across all dashboards and application core pages
  • High-level program planning milestone-view for project-groups / programs
  • Additional Planning Board Views and Enhancements
  • Document management page redesign to include fast loading
  • Ability to split requirements and user stories
  • Cross-project viewing of incidents on the list pages

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