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August 27th, 2020 by inflectra

When the global pandemic induced lockdowns world-wide and trapped Team Inflectra indoors in mid-March 2020, we started to think about how we could limit the disruption it caused to our team, but also our fans everywhere. With everyone working remotely, we soon realized we craved others' company and wanted to stay in touch. We found that the best way to stay connected to our partners, customers, fans, and friends was through weekly virtual happy hours. We called these casual get-togethers Tipsy Testing - to emphasize their loose focus on software testing, agile management, DevOps, software engineering, and project management. Tipsy Testing is unscripted and is completely listener-driven, as we try to answer as many listener-supplied questions as we can cover in an hour-long segment. 

Importantly, Tipsy Testing is about supporting each other, making new friends, sharing productivity tips and tricks, learning from one another, and discovering fancy, often local breweries and delicious artisanal cocktails along the way. 

Here is where Tipsy Testing stands today:

Upcoming Events

Feel free to sign up and send your questions to our speakers here:


Past events 

We have compiled the Tipsy Testing recordings in chronological order right here: 

Enjoy the recording of Inflectra's virtual Happy Hour - Tipsy Testing. We are answering your questions about software testing, leadership, management, and more. The guest speakers are Adam Sandman and Mike Lyles. 


In this session of Tipsy Testing, we are chatting with Jeffery Payne, & Hugo Sanchez of Coveros about software testing, new teleworking challenges, and things to come in this new reality created by the pandemic.


This Tipsy Testing session plays host to Owen Gotimer of Techwell. We are talking about software testing, teleworking, the future of in-person events, etc.


In this fifth Tipsy Testing virtual Happy Hour, our guests are Paul Grizzaffi of Magenic and Adam Sandman of Inflectra. We are talking: software testing, automation, rock 'n' roll, and life in general. 


Enjoy the 6th Tipsy Testing virtual happy hour with Raj Subrameyer of ChaiLatte Consulting, discussing teleworking, productivity, leadership, and life in general. 


During our 7th Tipsy Testing, we spoke with Rick Baucom of RedWood Collaborative Media & STPCON. 


For May 15th Tipsy Testing we invited our friends in the UK: Julie Gardiner of TestingRainMaker, Dan Billing of The Testing Doctor. We covered testing fails, better testing tools, test automation, and its value in testing, etc


Check out this Tipsy Testing session with Mark Tomlinson of PerfBytes and Adam Sandman of Inflectra. We are talking about performance testing, SLO, AI in performance testing, and many more interesting topics. 


In this session, our friend Saima Prabhu of Inflectra's partner Magenic shared her thoughts on QA during COVID19, the post-lock-down job market, leadership during the global health crisis: vision, empathy, the culture of belonging and inclusion, and many more. 


On June 5, we invited our partner, Bob Johnston of Critical Logic, to talk about Selenium for UI testing, automated tests vs. manual testing, automating in agile mode, and more. 


For our June 5th Tipsy Testing, we had Melissa Tonda join us to talk about quality engineering, speaking at conferences, testing failures, and more. 


On June 19, we had a privilege to chat with brilliant Damian Synadinos - we covered speaking at conferences, software testing, children's books and so much more!

Bart Knaack and Huib Schoots were amazing. Their insight into how to be intentional about learning, processing information, and learning deeply will definitely be an asset for those how tuned in for this Tipsy Testing session on June 26.


On July 9, we hosted Henrik Rexed from our rather Neotys and had an awesome chat about performance testing. 


In this session, Adam Sandman, and Anna Royzman talked about starting as a tester, overcoming the fear of failure, and how to fight procrastination. 


In this session, José Díaz spoke about Agile Testing Days, hybrid conferences, the future of conferencing, creating a family-friendly work environment, and many more.

In this session, Michael Bolton joined us from his family road trip in Canada and talked about rapid software testing and so much more! 


This Tipsy Testing chat explored many interesting topics including the differences btw DevOps engineer and DevOps QA, the place of exploratory testing in the continuous testing cycle,  adopting Agile in validating a 3rd-party COTS implementation, etc. 


Stay tuned for more upcoming Tipsy Testing events! We are planning to continue with them until the end of 2020.

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