The Cobbler's Children Have No Shoes

August 22nd, 2018 by inflectra

One of the most famous expressions is that the people who are in the business of a providing a particular service are so focused on delivering for their customers, that they don't practice what they preach for themselves. For example, the cobbler who repairs shoes, has no time to fix those of his family. However that analogy is unfortunately often the same when you look at software...

How to Automate the Testing of Rapise?

So we have this great test automation tool - Rapise - but how do we go about testing it to make sure it works. Well sadly we often would resort to manual testing, clicking through various scenarios and making sure Rapise can work for the different environments.

Well like the cobbler, we decided that we needed to practice what we preach, and add some automated testing of Rapise. So what tool did we use to do this, well luckily we have our own tool - Rapise!

In this scenario Rapise starts the recording in another instance of Rapise. The first instance pushes a button in the Calculator and the second instance - records the actions in Rapise.

We use this new feature to automatically test the recording in Rapise (correctness of objects and actions captured). Also we can test the layout and presence of buttons. It is pretty complex to put together, so the number of such tests will be limited, we need to cover only the vital ones. For example we can first implement a kind of a smoke test to check the basic functions (e.g. do a sanity check on a new build).

Bonus: Mouse Sliding Option

As a side effect we now have an option for playback either to move mouse immediately or to simulate the sliding of the pointer. You will notice on the video that Rapise moves the mouse smoothly, emulating real user behavior. This feature will be available to all our customers, as a bonus. Also you may notice that Rapise looks a bit different, it is an early build of Rapise v6.0 where have removed the old Microsoft Office 2010 style ribbon and have moved to a new menu + toolbar approach. We will be showing off Rapise 6.0 in future articles.

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