TestProject Discontinued - Need Alternatives?

January 9th, 2023 by inflectra

Recently it was announced that the free test automation tool - TestProject - has been discontinued and will be end of life on March 31, 2023. Beginning November 16, 2022, the creation of new TestProject accounts will be disabled and on March 31, 2023, all previously existing TestProject accounts will be deactivated and access to the platform will be revoked. If you are looking for alternatives to TestProject, we've created a handy list of automated testing tools to make this decision easier.


What Was TestProject?

TestProject was a free end-to-end test automation platform for web, mobile, and API testing that was originally created and supported by the test automation community. TestProject was built on the leading open source test automation tools: Selenium and Appium and by fostering a collaborative community that can come together aimed to shape the future of software testing. In 2019, it was sold to Tricentis to become part of its automated testing portfolio, which includes its commercial tools Tosca and Testim. In November 2022, Tricentis announced that it would be sunsetting the platform, focusing instead on Tosca and Testim.

How To Choose a Replacement Automated Testing Tool

So if you need to quickly find a replacement tool for TestProject, there are several factors you may want to consider when choosing a replacement automated testing tool:

  1. The type of tests you need to run: Different testing tools are designed to handle different types of tests. For example, some tools are better suited for unit testing, while others are better for end-to-end testing.

  2. The technology stack of your application: You'll want to choose a testing tool that is compatible with your application's technology stack. For example, if your application is built with Java, you'll want a testing tool that has good support for Java.

  3. The cost of the tool: If you are working on a budget, you may want to consider a free or open-source testing tool. There are many good options available, such as Selenium and Cypress.

  4. The level of support and documentation: If you are new to automated testing, you may want to choose a tool that has good documentation and a strong community of users who can provide support or a commercial tool that comes with vendor support.

  5. The level of integration with your development workflow: You'll want a testing tool that integrates well with your development process, so that it is easy to incorporate testing into your workflow.

Ultimately, the best testing tool for you will depend on your specific needs and constraints. We recommend doing some research and trying out a few different tools to see which one works best for you. Here is a list that will help you get started: The Top 10 Automated Testing Tools in 2023.


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