Recording of Testing the Migration from AngularJS to ReactJS with Rapise

March 6th, 2018 by inflectra

We recently hosted a webinar demonstrating how our Rapise automated testing system simplifies the testing of a modern web application that is being migrated from one JavaScript framework to another, in this case from AngularJS to ReactJS.

Recording of the Webinar

Watch the recording of the webinar, where Alexey from Inflectra discusses some of the challenges testing a web application where the page looks the same to a human, but behind the scenes, the DOM structure and IDs have changed (due to the change of framework):

Take Aways

During the webinar, Alexey discussed:

  • Ways to re-learn objects so that you don't have to modify your script when the application changes
  • How to generate/test resilient XPATH expressions that mean your test will continue to work without any changes when the application is refactored
  • How to use the Rapise web spy to interrogate the application and see how the application has changed, and develop strategies to make tests less flaky.

Further Reading

The application being tested can be found here:

rapise automated testing web testing react angular reactjs angularjs

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