#TestBowl 2.0 - It's A Wrap, Folks

June 28th, 2021 by inflectra

On June 24, Inflectra hosted its second virtual software testing competition in 2021 - #TestBow 2.0. If you missed this fun event, here is a very quick recap!

What went down?

Oh, it was a lot of fun, as Inflectra's TestBowl events usually are!

There were:

  • over 50 participants - all excellent testers and QA/QC professionals 
  • over a dozen teams
  • stupendous DJ and funky music
  • awesome test management tool to report bugs - SpiraTest
  • fantastic platform to test - RedRex
  • knowledgeable and fair judges
  • amazing support teams for SpiraTest and RedRex
  • lots of fun!

Here are some of the testers hacking away at the app under test.

Here are our fabulous judges:

SpiraTest was awesome with its leaderboard functionality, helping keep contestants apprised of their progress. 

The winners were all around, but the top three were: Team Amber - 1st place, Team Gold - 2nd Place, and Team Wine - 3rd Place! 

The scores were distributed across all team like so:

After 1.5 hours of testing, 450 bugs were reported by all teams. Not all bugs were unique, of course! 

Congratulations to the winning teams! 

1st Prize - Team Amber - Madhura Bapat & Neha Chopra

2nd Prize - Team Gold - Egli Isufaj & Ayesha Yussouff

3rd Prize - Team Wine - Vlado Oravec & Strahinja Kokano

The top three teams won, Apple TVs, Apple Airpods, and amazon echos, and all participants will receive certificates. 


What we tested?

We all had the privilege to test a fascinating new app that creates virtual buildings/offices (also for teleconferencing and communication) with AI capabilities built into it. The platform is called RedRex

Why do I see Jennifer Bonine in this screenshot, you ask? Oh, because she is behind RedRex!

Jenn (and her Team at RedRex ) joined TestBolw 2.0 to chat about her new venture, Redrex's features, areas to test, and ambitious and immediate plans for hosting events on social justice on this platform. We wish Jenn and the team the best of luck! 

Oh and for the fun part - here are Adam and Thea.... dancing? Maybe. 

What comes next?

We are all tired of virtual events, but I would argue that TestBowl is actually best when done virtually! So if you missed our last two competitions, we are pre-announcing our #TestBowl Christmas 2021 Edition for December 2021. The details will need to be worked out, but here is a sign-up link.

We hope to see you there! 

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