Spotlight on KronoDesk 2.0: Mobile Responsive Design

March 8th, 2017 by inflectra

As you may have read - we're happy to have released the much-awaited update to KronoDesk, our help desk system. In this blog series, we'll be taking a look at some of the awesome new features in the latest version. Second on the list is the work that was done to make the entire system mobile responsive.

One of the key changes that took a lot of time to get right in KronoDesk 2.0 was the move to a 100% responsive web interface. In KronoDesk 1.1, we'd implemented a cut-down mobile website that provided basic functions only - the ability to search for KB articles and submit tickets, and that was pretty much it.

With the release of KronoDesk 2.0, our team was much more ambitious, using Bootstrap, Knockout, and a fairly large amount of custom CSS, we made the entire application work across all-sized devices.

The Desktop Experience

For full-size devices, KronoDesk maximizes the available screen real estate to display important information to the customers and employees, including the status, priority, dates and users associated with tickets.


Customer support agents can use the full desktop interface to sort, filter and organize their support tickets for maximum efficiency.

The powerful rich text editor and other editing tools are optimized on desktop devices to allow agents to write compelling content that informs users and customers on support topics.


The Tablet Experience

For mid-sized devices, such as a tablet, lightweight laptop or similar hybrid device, KronoDesk provides an ideal tool for managers to review the current open tickets with the team:

With the integrated reporting dashboards, the support managers can use their tablets and other larger mobile devices to review the current metrics with management and customers.

The Phone Experience

For the smallest, phone-sized devices, KronoDesk cuts down the information displayed to maximize the screen real-estate devoted to the tasks that users will want to perform on the go. Customers can use KronoDesk on their mobile devices to search and find knowledge base articles or support threads that match their needs:

When their problem is not solved by an existing article, they can use the mobile-optimized interface to submit help desk tickets right from their phone:

Once the ticket has been submitted (with any photos taken by the on-board camera), the user can follow the progress of their ticket directly from their phone:


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