Reinventing The Automotive Industry Safely With Software

April 17th, 2023 by inflectra

The automotive industry is going through significant change, with the rapid migration to Electric Vehicles (EVs) and simultaneous introduction of autonomous driving technologies. Both of these changes are resulting in the rise of Software Defined Vehicles (SDV) where cars are becoming technology platforms, and car OEM manufacturers are becoming software companies as much as hardware manufacturers.

The Rise Of EVs And Autonomous Driving

In this recent Forbes article, we describe how the automotive industry is going through one of its biggest transformations in history to meet the dual challenges of climate change and the need to support autonomous driving. We'll show you how the entire integrated network of suppliers and companies that make up the modern automobile industry has been disrupted from top to bottom and is being forced to become software companies and system integrations as much as manufacturers.

Read The Forbes Article - Reinventing The Automotive Industry Safely With Software


Addressing the Safety Concerns with ISO 26262 and ASPICE

However, for reasons of public safety, many of the practices and methodologies used by pure-play software companies are not appropriate or legal when applied to real-time embedded systems such as automobiles and other road vehicles. In this whitepaper we outline the key standards and regulatory frameworks that need to be considered, and explain how software lifecycle management tools like SpiraPlan can help bridge the worlds of software and functional safety.

Read The Whitepaper on using SpiraPlan to Address ISO 26262 and ASPICE Compliance Needs

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