Reflections on Agile2015 So Far

August 5th, 2015 by inflectra

It has been a great conference so far, thanks to everyone who's stopped by to learn about Inflectra and our products. We have had some great conversations with Agile practitioners, including someone suggesting that the term lifecycle should be replaced with 'IdeaCycle' to better reflect the agile ethos. What follows are some reflections on what we've seen and learned.

Agile2015 shows that the Agile community is at an Inflection point, as Agile moves from a guerrilla movement to the mainstream, being adopted by enterprise. Scaling Agile through methodologies such as SAFe is interesting but there are dangers where in moving from a group of self-organizing teams to a framework that if misunderstood and misapplied—this can lead back to the CEO in his ivory tower trying to manage his portfolio of projects from his iPad looking at status indicators and sending down directives to the teams. The challenge will be to avoid the new orthodoxy and keep the innovation and experimentation that made Agile such as revolutionary force in the software development community.

For Inflectra it’s been great to meet our customers, learn from practitioners, and see what our partners and competitors are doing so. This will help us continue to evolve our ALM and agile testing tools, so we can better serve our customers and the community at large. On a personal level, it has been great to see the Agile community come to Washington and help demonstrate how effective collaboration and innovation can be. There’s lots our elected leaders in Congress could learn from us, if only they weren’t away for their long summer vacations.

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