Recording of SpiraTest Introductory Webinar

July 7th, 2017 by inflectra

Many of our customers choose SpiraTest because they are tired of using manual paper-based methods such as Microsoft Excel or Word. They want to be able to more easily manage their testing, record test results and see in real-time the progress and status of their testing activities.

This webinar explains how to setup your first project, create some requirements and test cases and migrate test cases and requirements from an existing Excel spreadsheet. It then demonstrates how to assign the test cases to your testers using the test sets module, execute some of the tests, log the test results, record a bug when the test fails, and finally, report on the testing activities.


If you have more questions about using SpiraTest for the first time, we also recommend that you read the SpiraTest Quick Start Guide.

webinar spiratest introduction test management excel manual methods

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