Recap: Managing A Drug Development Lifecycle

February 19th, 2021 by inflectra

On February 18, 2021, Inflectra's Sriram Rajagopalan, Ph.D., led a discussion on the An Emerging Role of Project Management in Drug Discovery and Supply Chain. If you missed the webinar, please enjoy this recap, complete with the video recording and the presentation. 

In this webinar, the presenter covered the following topics: 

  • Key stages of drug management lifecycle 
  • Responsibilities of Project and Program Management in the drug management lifecycle 
  • Risk management and process guidance in the drug management lifecycle 
  • How to apply Agile Thinking to the drug discovery lifecycle.

Why The Emerging Role of Project Management in Drug Discovery and Supply Chain Distribution?

Every industry is constantly evolving repeatedly modifying the job responsibilities of many roles in that industry. For instance, the software development sector has changed the responsibilities of developers and testers. No longer can architects and developers delegate quality as an after-thought to be upheld by the testing team. Journalists must reinvent their place in developing their stories as artificial intelligence can scan through volumes of data to automatically develop stories based on trends. Tourism, real estate, healthcare, finance, restaurant, and warehouse management are adding new roles with different combined responsibilities.

The main responsibilities of project management ensuring meaningful and measurable communication is consistently present ensuring change is understood along with the impact of non-delivery and non-conformance by all people involved in delivering the outcomes is still a pivotal role to integrate change. However, the responsibilities of that title of project manager may be distributed and absorbed by newer roles in different frameworks and organizations. As we wake up to this reality brought by globalization and technological convergence, the responsibilities of project management are not focusing inward towards delivering project deliverables but also preparing the organization for value maximization. These efforts focus on ongoing skill assessment, continuous improvement, operational excellence, and training development.

So, within the context of healthcare drug development, what is the need for a project manager? What types of competencies are required at different stages of drug development? When and how should the considerations for scaling up production capability be considered for approved drugs? Please check out this webinar as Dr. Sriram Rajagopalan shares his experiential knowledge in discussing the emergent role of project management in this domain.


Webinar Recording: 

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Webinar Presentation:

Also, we are happy to share with you these webinar slides from the presentation:


Additional reading on the topic is here: Emerging Role of Project Management in the Drug Development Life Cycle and Supply Chain


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

See you at our next webinar, but in the meantime, stay healthy, stay fit, and keep your distance. 

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