Recap: #OATSolutions - Inflectra Meets the Agile Community in Brazil

October 1st, 2018 by inflectra

We were pleased to support and attend the annual OAT Solutions customer summit in São Paulo, Brazil last week. It have us an opportunity to connect with all of the team working at OAT, as well as meet customers and potential users that are interested in SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, and Rapise from Inflectra. We also got time to see the amazing city that is São Paulo, and sample some of the local delights.

OAT Solutions Customer Summit

We arrived in São Paulo, and marveled at the fantastic modern architecture, the welcoming people, the endless variety of sights and sounds, before meeting up with our partner OAT Solutions, and getting down to business with the preparations for the customer summit.

It was a great chance to reconnect with Álvaro and Compadre from OAT Solutions, who we have worked with remotely for many years, but nothing beats meeting up face to face to share war stories and discuss the latest advances in agile methodologies. agile testing, and DevOps:

The next day, we attended the summit, which had over 200 attendees from different companies, industries and organizations attend four different tracks. In the Inflectra tracks, we had people come to listen about how you can use SpiraTest and Jira together to provide an integrated agile platform for project management, development, and testing.

During the test automation sessions, we demonstrated the latest version of Rapise, specifically the new features that let you do data-driven testing directly from within RVL using Maps, Loops and the new Spreadsheet editor. of course, the food, coffee and swag was top notch:

At the conclusion of the incredibly successful event, the entire OAT Team could be proud of what they had accomplished, with their largest and most successful event to date:

Meeting Customers

After the customer summit, since we were in town for a few more days, #TeamInflectra went on the road to meet some of our wonderful customers and learn about their agile adoption and test automation challenges.

For example, we met the team at Cremesp who are currently Inflectra customers, using both SpiraTest and Rapise to address their agile and testing needs:

Presentations and Slides

Here are some of the slides from the customer summit, they are also available in our general Presentations section as well:

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