KronoDesk 2.0 Will Suggest Ways to Solve Customer Problems

November 30th, 2016 by inflectra

One of the exciting new features included in the soon-to-be-released update to our KronoDesk help desk system is the ability to auto-suggest information before a customer submits a ticket.

Helping Customers Find Answers Quickly

You know the situation, a customer is trying to solve a problem that you've already seen before. They tried searching the online knowledge base, perhaps they couldn't find what they needed. Maybe they didn't even know there was a knowledge base, or perhaps they simply thought a support ticket would be the fastest way.

So they starting creating a new ticket and filling our the subject line:

Hey presto, as they are typing, KronoDesk will suggest to them some KB articles that already exist that could well solve their problem.

That way they get their problem answered more quickly and in many cases, there are less routine support tickets to have to deal with, allowing your support personnel to spend more time on the truly unique issues!

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