Inflectra's SpiraTeam Is Having A Moment

July 13th, 2020 by inflectra

Inflectra's Application Lifecycle Management platform - SpiraTeam is finally coming to its own! 

SpiraTeam is an integrated solution that helps teams manage requirements, tests, plans, tasks, bugs, and issues in one environment, with end-to-end traceability baked in. The product first hit the proverbial shelves in 2011; it had a few make-overs along the way, and as of July 2020, it is thriving in its version 6.6. 

In our humble opinion, SpiraTeam has been an excellent ALM platform for a while, but it took the world a bit to catch up. And now that it has, it can not get enough of SpiraTeam!

Here is a sampling of the recent SpiraTeam accolades from across the internet: 



The reputable Gartner Peer Insights - peer-driven ratings and reviews platform for enterprise IT solutions, with vigorous verification protocols to guarantee completely authentic reviews, recently recorded this: "Product is solid and will be the next big thing"

Thank You, the anonymous reviewer!



A Chicago, IL-based - a peer review site and tech marketplace had rated SpiraTeam as a High Performer in their Summer 2020 report. 

But in July 2020, the site went farther and listed SpiraTeam in the top three ALM solutions under the category!
Here is SpiraTeam listed in the 3rd place in the Highest Rated ALM software category. Only 11 leading ALM systems were selected for this report. 

SpiraTeam was also recognized for its ease of use in the G2 report on the Easiest To Use ALM Suites Software in July 2020. Here SpiraTeam is in the 2nd place after Visual Studio. 


Info-Tech - another popular software review site listed SpiraTeam in the Leader's Data Quadrant here 👇. 

SpiraTeam ranked Leader in InfoTech ALM Data Quadrant

SpiraTeam is having a moment, y'all! 

Give it a try with our generous 30-day free trial or leave your honest review on one of these sights! 

SpiraTeam Is Having A Moment SpiraTeam Reviews

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