Inflectra Supports Country-Level Software Testing Cups

January 30th, 2019 by inflectra

Software testing enthusiast everywhere will be happy to learn about Inflectra's new initiative to sponsor country-level software testing competitions all over the globe. 

How Does The Sponsorship Work?

The sponsorship is quite straightforward: a group organizes a country-level Software Testing Cup and sends Inflectra scanned receipts for costs incurred; Inflectra reimburses the group within 30 calendar days. 

What Does Inflectra Offer?

The following needs of running a successful software testing competition will be met: 

  1. Up to $500 in organizational costs (space rent, food & drink, prize(s) for winners, etc.)
  2. Software test management tool to run the competition - SpiraTest 
  3. Social media support

What Are The Sponsorship Requirements?

The sponsorship recipient(s) must:

  1. make the competition free of charge and accessible to all
  2. secure at least 20 testers/participants (email addresses will be required and checked)
  3. provision a software, app or website to be tested during the event 
  4. use Spiratest as a test management tool at the event
  5. run a social media campaign of their own

Who Is Eligible?

Any non-for-profit professional group, meet-up, collective or community of testers with a semi-formal organizational structure can apply for sponsorship. The group will have to nominate at least two representatives with authority to sign Inflectra's sponsorship agreement, and the willingness to assume responsibility for reporting. 

If there are more than one group per country, Inflectra will apply “first come, first serve” rule to the sponsorship process.


Inflectra's Past Experiences with Social Testing and Software Testing Bowl

Inflectra has a wealth of experience organizing software testing competitions in the USA. Abroad, we have supported Israeli Software Testing Cup in 2017 and 2018 with plans being drawn up for 2019 sponsorship as well. 

Please send your inquiries to

We are looking forward to hearing from you.



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