Inflectra & Coveros Partner at NDIA's Agile In Government Summit 2019

May 21st, 2019 by inflectra

In early May, 2019, Inflectra, and its partner Coveros, co-sponsored the annual Agile in Government Summit organized by National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA). This is Inflectra's second time sponsoring the event that traditionally takes place on the beautiful campus of Gallaudet University in Washington, DC.

(photo: Gallaudet University)


Inflectra and CoverosThe Dynamic Duo

Having signed the partnership agreement in January 2019, Inflectra and Coveros - a Virginia-based agile and DevOps software consultancy, have collaborated closely on expanding the adoption of Inflectra's quality assurance, agile project management, and test automation tools in US and Canada with customized consulting and training by Coveros. Not only are the two companies the natural business allies, but also represent the meeting of the tech minds in terms of thought leadership in the agile space. 

(photo: Adam Sandman, Inflectra (left); Jeffery Payne, Coveros (right))


Presentations at NDIA:

During the Agile in Government Summit, Adam Sandman, Inflectra's Technical Director presented a talk: Agile Development in Regulated Industries, Challenges and Opportunities. 


On May 8, 2019 Jeffery Payne of Coveros presented his talk about Applying Commercial DevSecOps Best Practices to Federal Programs. 

Both talks were well attended. 


Après Agile in Government Summit:

The two talks piqued the interest of the attendees of the Summit, so Coveros and Inflectra hosted a post conference happy hour to dive deeper into the questions stemming from the talks. The group also discussed topics related to agile program management, tools available on the market, and help with internal change management options offered by the two companies. 

(Photo: Post conference get-together , May 8, 2019)


Inflectra Booth: 

And here is our booth, with all our colorful banners, fabulous swag and the most awesome team.

(Photo: Inflectra booth at Agile in Government Summit, 2019)


We hope to see you at the Summit in 2020!

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