Recap: #AUSTesting Days - Inflectra Meets Testers & QA Professionals in Melbourne, Australia

October 9th, 2018 by inflectra

We, at Inflectra, long figured out that geography is not a hindrance when you have an #awesome event to attend!

So, we sponsored and showcased Inflectra's award-winning software platforms at the Australian Testing Days Expo in Melbourne on October 8, 2018. Represented by Inflectra's local partner, Peter Brackstone, we were able to get the Spira and Rapise family of software tools and Inflectra's name, in general, in front of the testing network in Melbourne, Victoria. Attendees were excited to find out how SpiraTest, SpiraTeam and Rapise can transform testing and QA for them. 

Arriving at the Event

#TeamInflectra arrived in Melbourne on Sunday night, to get ready for the big day on Monday. If you've never been to Melbourne before, it is an awesome city:


#teamInflectra arriving at #AusTD18 in #Melbourne #softwaretesting

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The #TeamInflectra Booth

The next day, Peter Brackstone and George V., our two representatives in Australia setup our booth, with applications running on an iPad, as well as bountiful quantities of goodies and swag, as well as the latest brochures on SpiraTeam, SpiraPlan, and Rapise:


Here's George, ready to greet the testers:

and of course, our key partner himself - Peter Brackstone:

Meeting the Community

In addition to meeting people at the Inflectra booth, Peter and George took the opportunity to meet and network with lots of existing Inflectra customers (shout out to Myer and Erik Peterson) as well as meet people not yet familiar with our products:


Furthermore, Inflectra had a pleasure of meeting the organizers of the testing event in Melbourne. Kudos to Rajesh Mathur, our liaison at AUSTD for putting together another impressive and well-organized conference. 

We are looking forward to participating next year, where they promise to have even bigger events in both Sydney and Melbourne.


See you in 2019! 

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