Agile Testing Days, PTA, Effimag and Inflectra European Summit - a Retrospective

November 27th, 2018 by inflectra

The past two weeks have been a bit of a blur for #teamInflectra, we had the great fortune to attend four events back to back - Effimag's anniversary event in Switzerland, Agile Testing Days in Potsdam, Germany, PTA's winter seminar in Stuttgart, and our Inflectra User Conference in Mannheim. During that time we learned a lot, met great people, and also got to see how testers and quality assurance professionals in Europe see the world.

Effimag Anniversary Event - Wollerau, Switzerland

Inflectra was invited to speak and attend Effimag's 10-year anniversary event in Wollerau, Switzerland. Effimag is a consulting and implementation partner of Inflectra, and has experience deploying SpiraTeam and Rapise on various projects in various industries. The theme of the event was Collaboration in the Agile World, with an emphasis on how different tools and technologies can foster collaboration and communication in software engineering projects.

Inflectra presented its platform for real-time distribution collaboration - SpiraTeam, as well as the role of Rapise in automating testing and business processes.

After the presentations were completed, it was time to relax and enjoy a traditional Swiss Apero in the nearby reception:

A full copy of the presentation from the event can be found below:

Agile Testing Days - Potsdam, Germany

Inflectra was a proud sponsor of the 10th Annual Agile Testing Days festival in Potsdam, Germany. This annual event is Europe's largest agile testing event, and Inflectra supported by our German partner PTA was excited to meet the testing and QA community from across Europe and learn about their needs and challenges:

As well as hearing many inspiring speakers and learning about ways to improve testing within your DevOps toolchain, we also got a change to give away lots of Inflectra merchandise, including our popular Inflectra bluetooth headphones and "beanie" hats:

We also had a range of Inflectra stickers, magnets and other cool items for testers to adorn their laptops or pass on to their teammates:

The "SuperTester" beer coaster was a conference favorite, so we plan on bringing it to Agile Testing Days USA in Chicago next year (hope to see you there).

One nice surprise for the team was to meet the winners of the 2018 Israel Software Testing Cup. If you remember from June, the winners from that event won as their prize, a free trip to Potsdam to attend the Agile Testing Days conference in Potsdam. While that may seem like a lifetime away, our winners popped by the Inflectra booth to collect some free swag and enjoy some beers with our team:

The entire Inflectra team really enjoyed Agile Testing Days, and we'd like to thank Sabine, Ina, Ewe, and the rest of the Trendig team for organizing such an amazing and fun-filled event. We are in discussions with them to see if we can host an Inflectra TestBowl at ATDUSA, which would be amazing. Our technical director Adam was happy to announce that we are planning on supporting Agile Testing Days USA in Chicago USA, and signed off with a selfie with the ATD Unicorn:

PTA GmbH Winter Seminar - Stuttgart, Germany

Adam Sandman, Technical Director at Inflectra was invited to speak at our partner PTA's annual winter seminar in Stuttgart, Germany as the second day keynote speaker:

The talk was to introduce the range of Inflectra products to the wider PTA audience as well as discuss how you can improve project success with SpiraTeam. There were several specific hot topics for PTA including the role of Artificial Intelligence in project management tool such as SpiraTeam, how to use Rapise for automating business processes in the context of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as well as how to use SpiraTeam for projects in regulated industries such as healthcare.

A full copy of the presentation from the event can be found below:


Inflectra User Summit - Mannheim, Germany

The final Inflectra event of the tour was our annual European User Summit, this time hosted by our partner PTA in Mannheim Germany:

During the user summit, Adam Sandman, Technical Director presented the plans for SpiraPlan 6, including the following key new areas of functionality:

  • Project Baselining
  • Program and Portfolio Management
  • Project and Program Roadmaps
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Project Templates
  • Collaboration, Wikis and Freeform Content

For the attendees it was excited to be the first to see the details of the new functionality planned in Spira 6, though for those who could not attend in person, a full copy of the presentation from the event can be found below:


Thanks to all those who attended, we appreciate your feedback and support. If you need any excuses to come next time, check out the food we served:


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