The 2nd Social Testing Competition - Inflectra & AspireLabs

May 21st, 2018 by inflectra

We did it again!

We hosted another #awesome Social TestingTM Competition!  

We would like to start by thanking the dedicated group of software testers who braved the pouring rain and heavy traffic to get to Tyson’s Corner, VA. We hope that being greeted by smiling WeWork community managers, friendliness of #teamInflectra, delicious Vietnamese food and fun software testing competition made it all worthwhile!

Those who have been to Inflectra’s other social testing events, would recognized the pattern; A brief welcome was followed by an intro by Inflectra’s Technical Director – Adam Sandman, in which the competition rules were explained, which, as is now a tradition, follow the format developed for Software Testing World Cup – a global tester competition. SpiraTest, Inflectra’s award-winning test management tool was then introduced as a testing tool of the competition.

(Adam giving an overview of SpiraTest - Inflectra's test management tool)

As the event got into full swing, a DC-based startup – AspireLabs, took the center stage to introduce the app they have been developing. The app is called ClassPulse and aims to help students and professors communicate freely and securely. The mobile ClassPulse app has been in use for some time now, however the twin webapp was in beta testing and thus was a perfect candidate for a tester competition. Shortly after Inflectra announced its 2nd Social Testing Competition in early April 2018, AspireLabs contacted Inflectra to suggest Classpulse as a possible software under test (SUT). (It is worth noting that the AspireLabs’ team took part in Inflectra’s 1st Social TestingTM Competition in March 2018 and won prizes).

(AspireLabs Team discussing classpulse while waiting for testing results)

The testing portion of the event lasted for roughly 80 minutes and was broken down into two sessions to imitate the most common user experiences/pathways.

(#teamInflectra helping out during testing)

In the end, a total of 64 issues and bugs were recorded. Importantly, the results include both usability issues, bugs and business issues that will hopefully help AspireLabs to refine and perfect the webapp. Much like our previous social testing event, judging took place in real time, as Inflectra’s three testers reviewed logged items for validity. This helped with identification of winners quickly and efficiently.

(SpiraTest showing the live scoreboard)

The winner (a trio of women testers) walked away for an Ipad, while two other winners received other valuable prizes.  

( Three winners of Inflectra's 2nd Social Testing Competition


As we move into summer, we plan on hosting another Social Testing Competition, so stay tuned!

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