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Agile + DevOps East 2022 is Complete!

November 30th, 2022

From November 6-11, 2022, Team Inflectra attended and sponsored Techwell's Agile + DevOps conference in Orlando, Florida! Some thoughts we have to share are:

  • Even grown ups still love games - Techwell did a fantastic job implementing fun ways to network and converse with others. Our team really enjoyed feeling like we have gone back to simpler times getting in on the activities while learning more about the agile and DevOps community.
  • Surround yourself with positivity - Despite a hurricane coming through, closing surrounding businesses early, and giving us dull weather - we still had a great experience. This is due to the positive attitudes and upbeat energy from the Inflectra team, Techwell, sponsors, and anyone whose presence contributed to this event.
  • It is not always about numbers - Even during the slower periods of the conference, the people who took time to stop by our booth asked meaningful questions and had engaging conversations with us. We left the conference feeling fulfilled with what we were able to share and the willingness to learn we felt from attendees.

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Team Building - The Inflectra Way

November 28th, 2022

Two of Inflectra's Core Values are Great Team and Great Workplace. As part of making these values a reality, we recently had our U.S. business development (sales, marketing, customer success, and partnerships) team come together for a two-day offsite in our headquarters. The purpose of the offsite was to make sure that our newest team members felt connected to the company, and also to discuss ways we can improve the customer experience in 2023.

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Webinar Recap - Rapise v7.4 Webinar: Web Components, AgGrid, Mixed-Mode and 64-Bit Apps

November 22nd, 2022

On November 22, 2022, Inflectra hosted Rapise v7.4 Webinar: Web Components, AgGrid, Mixed-Mode and 64-Bit Apps. This event was led by one of our Senior Software Engineers, Alexey Grinevich, and our Principal Software Engineer, Denis Markovtsev.




View more to see the topics covered, full recording, and presentation!

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Risk Management: Definition, Importance, & Types

November 22nd, 2022

Unfortunately, all projects and undertakings involve some amount of uncertainty or risk. Whether it’s minuscule or highly likely, the consequences of risk can end up being costly on a number of levels — and when you’re unprepared, these consequences can be catastrophic. But what does risk management actually mean, why is it so crucial to a quality product, and how can you ensure that yours is strong?

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Preparing for the GAMP Transition to Computer Software Assurance

November 10th, 2022

Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) is, inter alia, a set of guidelines for manufacturers and users of automated systems in the pharmaceutical industry. GAMP is part of the medical industry’s risk management approach in software development and supports software testing and validation. We thought it would be useful to highlight where GAMP is going as part of the latest guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and how SpiraPlan can help you get there.

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Using SpiraPlan for Risk-Based Testing

November 9th, 2022

Risk-Based Testing (RBT) is a software testing type that is based on the probability of risk. It involves assessing the risk based on software complexity, the criticality of business, frequency of use, possible areas with defects, and areas of the system that have changed the most. Risk-based testing prioritizes the testing of features and functions of the software application which have the most likely exposure to risks and therefore most likely to have defects. In this article, we discuss some of the ways SpiraPlan can assist you with your Risk Based Testing.

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Get $50 for Reviewing SpiraPlan on

November 9th, 2022

Let me be blunt - Inflectra needs your help in collecting the reviews of our flagship platform -  SpiraPlan! Like others, we use your reviews as social proof and to get awards and recognition like these SpiraTest badges👇🏽:


Review SpiraPlan now! (We promise the whole thing is quick and painless - it only takes 10 minutes!)

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Webinar Recap: Blockchain Development & Innovation in the Banking and Finance Industry

November 2nd, 2022

On October 26, 2022, Inflectra and BLOOCK co-hosted the webinar: Blockchain Development & Innovation in the Banking and Finance Industry. In this webinar, August Guenther, Software Engineer at Inflectra, and Marc Baqué, CTO at BLOOCK, discussed the current state of the traditional banking and finance space, the benefits of blockchain implementation in the industry, and scenarios in which customers might find an integration between Inflectra's and BLOOCK's technologies useful. 

If you missed the webinar, we have a full recap below. 

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Inflectra In The News - October 2022 Roundup

November 1st, 2022

October was a productive and thrilling time for Inflectra. The month started with some of our team members attending, sponsoring and speaking at STARWEST in Anaheim, California. Less than a couple weeks later, a couple of our US based leaders traveled to Australia to sponsor and attend the Testing Talks Conference as well as host an exclusive networking breakfast with our customers, partners, and their local tech and business leaders. Other accomplishments throughout the month include releasing Rapise v7.4, and hosting insightful webinars with fellow experts and business partners. In addition to a full month of participating in events and upgrading our products, Inflectra has had numerous articles released and appearances we want to share with our followers.

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