Inflectra Supports: conTEST 2021 Winter Event

19-Feb-2021 by Inflectra

From Feb 17 to 19, 2021, join the global virtual conference - conTEST 2021 - that aims to explores the role of software quality and testing in the modern world. The fact that each session runs live twice to cover multiple time zones makes the event truly global! The diverse group of speakers and participants add a definite international flavor to the event. 

Inflectra is happy to sponsor the event and invites everyone to register here!

The conference offers:

  • Free conference tickets for talks and games
  • Tutorials
  • Certification Training

Join the conference to learn, explore, play and network with software test enthusiasts just like you! When you get a chance, stop by the Inflectra booth and say Hi!


See you at the conference!