Webinar: How to Leverage SpiraTeam for QA Excellence

24-May-2023 by Inflectra

Join us for a live course on How to Leverage SpiraTeam for QA Excellence on May 24, 2023 at 2:00 PM EDT!

SpiraTeam, one of our flagship products, is an integrated ALM platform combining project management, requirements management, and QA management functionalities. It allows teams to manage projects, track requirements, perform test management, and collaborate effectively. Join us to learn how to use its features proficiently, enhance your QA processes to attain superior results, and ask our CEO Adam Sandman your questions directly.


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Quality Assurance (QA) is an essential aspect of software development, ensuring that products meet the highest standards of functionality and reliability. To achieve QA excellence, organizations must adopt effective tools and methodologies that streamline the testing process. One such tool is Inflectra's SpiraTeam, a comprehensive test management and quality assurance platform. In this guide, we will explore how to leverage SpiraTeam to maximize QA excellence, empowering teams to deliver top-notch software solutions.



  1. Understanding SpiraTeam: a unified platform for test management, requirements management, bug tracking, and release management. Gain an in-depth understanding of SpiraTeam's capabilities to utilize its potential fully. 
  2. Major SpiraTeam functionality: 
    1. Test Planning and Management: supporting efficient test creation, maintenance, and execution with a full view of test coverage, task progress, and insights into the quality of your software. 
    2. Requirements Management: allowing you to capture, track, and link requirements to a variety of system artifacts, 
    3. Program Management: Implementing effective QA processes within the IT program management process, including best practices and tips for leveraging SpiraTeam to streamline QA workflows and improve overall efficiency.
    4. Reporting and Dashboard: assessing QA progress and making data-driven decisions.Best Practices for Collaborative QA
    5. Team Collaboration: enabling effective communication, knowledge sharing, and workflow integration through notifications, comments, and attachments to maximize productivity. 
    6. Continuous Improvement and Optimization: analyzing QA data, identify bottlenecks, and implement process improvements while leveraging SpiraTeam's integrations with other software ecosystems to achieve faster and more reliable software delivery.
  3. Q&A session



Adam Sandman is the Founder and CEO of Inflectra. He has been working in the IT industry for the past 25+ years. His areas of expertise span software architecture to agile development, software testing, test automation, and project management. He is interested in technology, business, and enabling people to follow their passions. At Inflectra, Adam is responsible for researching the tools, technologies, and processes in the software testing and quality assurance space. Adam is a prolific speaker, whose speaking engagements range from StarEast, and Eurostar to STPcons, DevGeekWeek, Swiss Testing Day, to NDIA, STARCanada, TestingMind, Agile DevOps West, StarWest, testCon, JFTL, and many more.

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