Unlimited TaraVault Source Code Licenses With Every SpiraTeam/Plan Subscription

20-Jan-2020 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce that our cloud-based source code management system - TaraVault will no longer require a separate fee to use and an unlimited number of TaraVault users will be included for free with every SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan subscription.

Reason for the Change

We announced in December 2019 that we would changing some of the prices of our products. One of the key changes that we outlined was that we'd be simplifying the pricing and licensing for TaraVault in 2020.

One of the key differentiators and unique selling points of SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan is that they are licensed by concurrent user vs. the named used model favored by many other tools in our industry. Due to the way that source code management systems work, TaraVault was licensed by named user and also it required a separate set of licenses to be managed in our company website and also to be added to a SpiraTeam or SpiraPlan subscription. Since we have raised the prices for Spira in 2020, we decided it made sense to completely eliminate the additional cost for TaraVault and make it a completely free add-on for Spira.

So now, when you are looking to add TaraVault to your Spira subscription, you will see the following:

So, instead of the previous list of different editions and prices, all users will now have a single, unlimited free edition instead. We have already moved all existing TaraVault customers to this new licensing model.

Inside Spira, you will notice the following changes that announce the new unlimited licensing:

You can now provision as many TaraVault users as you'd like

About TaraVault

When you are looking for safe, secure, and accessible source code hosting with both Git and Subversion code repositories, integrated ALM and issue-tracking for your projects? TaraVault is your best choice. For full traceability, TaraVault is integrated with our SpiraTeam ALM suite. TaraVault has the following key features:

  • Enterprise-grade source code repository hosting
  • Integrates with SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam systems for source code browsing
  • Your choice of Git or Subversion Hosting for each project
  • Requirements, tasks, defects and issues can be linked to source code files and revisions for maximum traceability

Switching to TaraVault

So if you are using alternative tools such as GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket, you may want to consider migrating to TaraVault. We have these handy resources that explain the migration paths: