Tricentis Tosca Plug-In Released for RemoteLaunch

1-Jul-2021 by Inflectra Product News

We have just released a new RemoteLaunch plugin for Tricentis Tosca. This allows SpiraTest, SpiraTeam, and SpiraPlan in conjunction with RemoteLaunch to manage the scheduling, execution and reporting of Tosca automated functional and user interface tests.

What is Tricentis Tosca?

Tricentis Tosca is a software testing tool that is used to automate end-to-end testing for software applications. It is developed by Tricentis. Tricentis Tosca combines multiple aspects of software testing to test GUIs and APIs from a business perspective.

You can use SpiraTest together with RemoteLaunch to schedule and remotely launch instances of Tricentis Tosca on different computers and have the testing results be transmitted back to SpiraTest. This allows you to extend your SpiraTest’s test management capabilities to include automated Tosca tests.

Using RemoteLaunch with Tosca

Using Tosca in conjunction with SpiraTest and RemoteLaunch allows you to create test suites of Tosca tests and schedule them for execution across a global test lab in conjunction with other automated and manual tests. This lets you seamlessly include automated Tosca tests in your integrated test plan.

The integration allows you to map discrete Tosca test suites and test cases to SpiraTest test cases to allow granular reporting of test case status and allow meaningful analysis of key metrics and KPIs such as requirements' test coverage.

When Tosca executes the test suite, RemoteLaunch can parse the detailed results file and extract the list of test actions and corresponding results. These are then displayed inside SpiraTest seamlessly as test runs and test steps:

More Information

About SpiraTest

SpiraTest® is a powerful Quality Assurance and Project Management solution that manages a software project’s requirements, scope, use-cases, tests, releases, and bugs and issues in one environment, with complete requirements traceability throughout. Customers can track every bug or issue back to the test case and test step that being executed, and from there back to the underlying requirement needing fulfillment.

About RemoteLaunch

Extend your SpiraTest installation with support for automated regression testing. Our RemoteLaunch application will connect to your automated testing tools and allow SpiraTest to orchestrate your testing activities, both manual and automated, in one place. For complete test coverage, you need to perform the same automated tests across a complete spectrum of platforms, browsers, devices, and environments. Using RemoteLaunch with Spira allows you to manage the automated testing process. Track the automated tests against the project’s requirements. Have a holistic view of manual and automated testing.