Introducing the Inflectra Global Technology Initiative

12-Dec-2019 by Inflectra Company News

We'd like to introduce the Inflectra Global Technology Initiative - empowering teachers, students and communities around the world to get a helping hand and become part of the technology economy. In working with Universities, community colleges, code camps and technology meetups around the world we have found that there is a gap between the skills needed by employers and the formal education that is often provided in school. We would like to offer our assistance and a helping hand.


Since one of our company Core Values is "Second Acts," we are always looking for ways to give opportunities to people. In the past, we have provided support for people transitioning into the technology discipline through freeCodeCamp - an online community for aspiring programmers. We provided internships and career mentoring to graduates of freeCodeCamp, helping them get the experience necessary for their first technology jobs.

In addition, on a larger scale we have supported the Codo a Codo program in Argentina. This initiative was developed by the Ministry of Education and Innovation of the City of Buenos Aires to train students in the arts of programming and software testing and thus be able to join the most innovative companies in the technology sector or develop their own startups as entrepreneurs. Inflectra provided (and continues to provide) the software and hosting for the tools used to run the classroom.

In addition, Inflectra supports other institutions of higher education in their mission, including RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, and the UPC School in Barcelona, Spain.

Overview of the Program

Building on these successes, we're looking to expand our reach and help even more communities around the world with the Inflectra Global Technology Initiative.

If you are interested in setting up a program in your community, or if you are already working with students in a community college, vocational school or other establishment of opportunity, please reach out to us and we can provide you with free licenses (and hosting) of our SpiraPlan platform and our other tools for software testing (for example Rapise for automated testing) and development (for example TaraVault for source code management).

We can provide free training and enablement for getting your own program up and running. We can also put you in touch with our colleagues at Codo a Codo and other programs who can share lessons learned and best practices.
This program is specifically for the purposes of instruction where we provide the tools for free for teaching and training. We also provide educational / academic discounts on our products when used by the institution or organization for their own business purposes.

How do I Contact You?

That's easy, just use the handy Contact Us form on our website.