Code Smarter: SpiraTeam Visual Studio 2017 Integration and More

13-Jul-2018 by Inflectra Product News

At Inflectra, we love making tools that make developers’ lives easier. That’s why we have so many extensions for the tools developers use most. We’re really excited to announce the latest update to our integration with one the most important developer tools in the Microsoft ecosystem: Visual Studio. The latest update fixes some bugs, improves usability, adds a new task creation feature, and enables it to work with Visual Studio 2017 and newer.

How do I get the Visual Studio Extension

If you would like to install the extension, you can visit the Visual Studio Marketplace here, or search for ‘Spira’ or ‘Inflectra’ in the extensions panel within Visual Studio:

You may see multiple versions of the extension. Due to the way Visual Studio works, we have a couple of different versions:

  • One for Visual Studio 2017 and newer
  • One for Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015

They are exactly the same in terms of UI and functionality, just that they use different versions of the Visual Studio SDK.

What does the Visual Studio Extension Do

With our Visual Studio extension, we have crafted an easy way for you to see what’s most important to developers right from Visual Studio. Opening the main view will show you all the requirements, tasks, and incidents assigned to you. It will even automatically refresh! Clicking one of the items will show you additional information and provide you with a link to open it in browser:

One thing our developers often want to do while in the middle of coding is create a quick reminder task for themselves. With the Visual Studio extension, you now can! It’s easy to create a new task right from the toolbar, just click on the plus (+) icon:

Where Can I Learn More?

You can read the full SpiraTeam IDE Integration Manual on our website.