Spira v4.0 Patch 010 Released Today

1-May-2013 by Inflectra Product News

We just released patch 010 for SpiraTeam, SpiraTest and SpiraPlan that fixes some known issues and adds some additional API functions. It will be deployed to our hosted SaaS sites this weekend.
! Fixes issue where changes to security settings were not taking effect until application restarted
~ Extends SOAP web services send/receive timeouts to 10 minutes
~ Adds ampersands to the list of allowed characters in an email address
! Fixes issue where requirements and test case data mapping lists not being populated
! Fixes issue where Artifact Details screen could show a system error if a Decuimal Custom Property has a Min or Max value.
~ Allows single quotes in users' email addresses
! Fixed issue where My Profile link gives a 404 error if no project is selected
! Fixed display issue on IE10 on add attachments page
! Workflow details page now saves the value of the Notify checkbox
! Fixes issue where reports not filtering on boolean custom properties
! Fixes issue where all new incidents were being listed as having attachements (even when not the case)
~ Changes label on custom list details page to show 'By ID' instead of 'Remove'
! Fixes issue where you can occasionally get a system error filtering the administration user list
! Fixes issue where copying a folder of test cases doesn't copy the test case parameters
~ Displays friendly message when a tester tries to execute a single test case that has no test steps
~ Security settings label changed from 'Remember Me' to 'Keep Me Logged-In' to match login page
! Fixes error that could occur on Admin -> Event Log page.
~ IE10 cross icons removed from dropdown list autocomplete text boxes
! Fixes a couple of usability issues on the Edit Reports administration page
! Fixes issue where Release details page complaining about negative available effort when saving changes
! Fixes issue in workflow where incident Closed-Date was not being hidden or disabled
! Fixes workflow issue where required/disabled/hidden states for deleted custom properties was being used
+ Added additional API functions for retrieving test case and test step parameters and values
! Fixed bug in documents api where artifact id was returning a null value
! Fixes issue where filtering by date-range can be one-day offset when using timezones that are +UTC
! Fixes bug introduced in patch 008 where embedded images were not appearing in MS-Word 2003 format reports
! Fixes performance issues when expanding/collapsing hierarchical items with large numbers of artifacts
! Fixes performance issues when executing test cases against releases that have large numbers of test cases