Spira Released - Activity Stream Added and Updates to Scrum Task Board

26-May-2015 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of SpiraTest, SpiraPlan and SpiraTeam v4.2.0.7. This version includes many fixes for issues identified in earlier versions of v4.2 and also adds new capabilities including an Activity Stream and enhanced Scrum task board.

New Features

The following new features have been added:

Activity Stream

This new functionality lets you see quickly which users have been active on the current project:

Scrum Task Board

This new view lets you see the tasks in the current iteration/sprint organized by status:

Release Notes

  • Source Code Revisions page: problems with filtering and sorting- [IN:3194]
  • Issue with static filter lookup (Test Set - Execution Status) could crash program.- [IN:3118]
  • Sorting history in Artifact could break Admin History page.- [IN:3147]
  • Test step handling if the step numbers are not unique- [IN:3162]
  • Bug when creating Task from Requirement, if filtering by an iteration- [IN:2723]
  • Clicking Finish on a Test Set/Run that has deleted test cases gives a nasty error message- [IN:3091]
  • Check for missing user profiles..- [IN:3019]
  • Improve handling of requirements without tasks, and their effect on the various effort calculations- [IN:3093]
  • One requirement is showing as not covered, but do not find any requirement that is not covered- [IN:2467]
  • Requirements Coverage Widget: Obsolete Requirements included in "Not Covered" count- [IN:3065]
  • added project is assigned to wrong Project Group during its creation (always in Project Group of the selected template)- [IN:2384]
  • In Administration -> Project History Changes, for incidents, the incident description appears in the Artifact Name column- [IN:3030]
  • Permissions problem with artifact descriptions, when rich text is OFF: Developer role can't edit some descriptions.- [IN:2696]
  • Error appears when resizing navigation panel using IE- [IN:3062]
  • My Account page -> Activity- [IN:2815]
  • Filter not displayed on "Actions" tab of "My Profile" page- [IN:3186]
  • Adding an accomplished task with actuals and remaining effort to 0 leaves the task In Progress- [IN:2475]
  • change password/profile link is bad (happens when Spira is installed at root, instead of within SpiraTeam folder, and no project is selected)- [IN:2421]
  • Project activity report- [IN:546]
  • Activity Stream dashboard widget- [IN:1645]
  • Requirements workflow: When comment is required in workflow, it's not being enforced.- [IN:2617]
  • Report template editing problem: can't delete all the standard sections- [IN:2427]
  • Add a Scrum 'Tasks by Status' view to the planning board- [IN:3184]
  • Tools-> Export to Project: Parameters are not exported if entire test folder is selected- [IN:3079]
  • Filtering on "Creation Date" & Then Creating Requirement Generates Requirement w/Old Creation Date- [IN:2776]
  • Character encoding problem on Administration->(Incidents part) Edit workflow->Incident Step page- [IN:2842]
  • Timecard: every time you submit a timecard, it updates every incident and task that were shown- [IN:2699]
  • SpiraTest only: new requirements are created with blank estimate, rather than the estimate configured in Planning Options- [IN:3185]

Deployment Plan

This update is available right now to download from the customer area of our website. Users of our cloud service will be updated automatically.