Jump-Starting Your Rapise Test Automation Project with Our QuickStart Package

6-Mar-2020 by Inflectra Product News

Embarking of a test automation project can be a daunting task. Especially when you are dealing with a large, complex application such as an ERP system or CRM platform, it can be overwhelming to decide what tests should be automated, how to teach your testers (who may be functional experts rather than experienced automation engineers), and how to get started. Based on our experience helping customers get started with test automation using our Rapise automation tool, we would like to introduce our new standardized Rapise Quick-Start implementation package.

Implementation Overview

The following presentation walks you through a typical Rapise test automation engagement from start to finish:

Inflectra Rapise Implementation Quick Start Package from Inflectra
(or download the original PowerPoint presentation)

Implementation Services

The Inflectra implementation approach for Rapise is based on the idea that the best way to learn the tool and also to get experience automating the testing of your packaged application is to have Inflectra combine training with feedback and assistance. Our approach focuses on having Inflectra's experienced personnel assist with the initial setup of the test automation environment, automate some of the more complex scenarios (agile spike solutions) and then train and transition the automation project to either the customer's team or a long term certified implementation partner. We want to enable you to be productive and self-sufficient as quickly and effectively as possible.

To achieve this, we recommend the following high-level approach:

A typical implementation project is broken down into three main phases but any of the phases can be tailored accordingly to fit your company size and requirements:

Phase 1

  • Kick-off
  • Review technical requirements
  • Installation of Rapise
    • Integration with SpiraTest
    • Configuration of developer machines
    • Configuration of RapiseLauncher execution agents
  • Timeframe
    • Typically takes 2-6 hours spread over one week

Phase 2

  • Training of Client testers
    • 12 hours of training for the Rapise test creation users
    • Would be delivered remotely via. GotoMeeting
    • Includes the use of practical labs and review of progress by Inflectra Rapise experts.
  • Review of Test Cases
    • Team will review test cases to ensure training is aligned
    • Finalize the list of test cases to be implemented in phase 3
  • Timeframe
    • 12 hours of work spread over 2-4 weeks depending on schedule

Phase 3

  • The Inflectra team will automate a critical set for Client
    • The final lists of tasks will be defined in Phase 2
  • We typically implement ~ 20 hours worth of test cases
    • The Inflectra team will focus on implementing test cases that have unique challenges
    • The Client team can then become self-sufficient and implement the other test cases with the provided assistance and training
    • Transition should take ~2-6 hours
  • Initial training will happen before phase 3, additional training in parallel with phase 3, to ensure success.

Support & Assistance (included)

  • During project, Inflectra team would be available to answer adhoc questions and provide assistance
    • There is no cost for this, it is included with license purchase
    • This will be available during the initial 5 weeks after for the remainder of the year after initial purchase
  • The key will be to have a smooth transition from phase 3 into ongoing support to ensure long-term success
    • This is why we will focus on the test cases (tasks) that present specific automation challenges, and leave the Client team to focus on the test cases that match those already trained

Extended Training (Optional)

  • After the initial 5 week phase, Inflectra will have implemented the agreed test cases, completed training and transitioned automation to the client team
  • This optional item would be to have available 5 hours of GotoMeeting team training time available for use later in the project to be used on an as-needed basis to supplement the support and assistance that comes with the product licenses.

Next Steps

If you would like to discuss a Rapise test automation project, please contact us at your convenience, we are ready to assist.