Inflectra to Sponsor the First Annual Test Leadership Congress in NYC

29-Mar-2016 by Inflectra Company News

Leading and managing Test and QA processes and people has always had its challenges. With the rise of agile methodologies, faster development cycles and the move to continuous delivery, mastering it has increasingly more important. The First Annual Test Leadership Congress will be focusing on 'Test Management Agility'.

1st Annual Test Leadership Congress/QA Expo: “Test Management Agility” April 27th NYC

The elite conference is dedicated to emerging trends and innovative practices in modern test management and leadership. Our speakers represent the most groundbreaking teams: Spotify, Etsy, Johnson & Johnson, Huge, and more. The conference brings together QA Managers, Test Leads, Project Managers and technology leaders for an opportunity to share and debate ideas and techniques they find successful, network and connect.

As part of Inflectra's sponsorship of the conference, please contact us for the registration promotion code that entitles you to a 7% on the attendance price.

  • Technical Mobile Testing: hands-on course in testing applications on wide variety of mobile devices and platforms. Special techniques and approaches, unique to mobile products.
  • Starting with Automated Acceptance Tests for beginners in Agile test automation. This course is intended to developers, testers, and test automation specialists.
  • Testing Code with Code: advanced test automation techniques and continuous integration training for technical test engineers and test automation specialists.
  • Software Testing Concepts for Non-Testers: an introduction to the skills and techniques used by modern software testers. Targeted to startups, technology professionals, project managers and members of cross-functional teams.
  • Agile Testing Strategies course provides a full blown spectrum of skills and knowledge to succeed in Agile, Lean/Kanban and DevOps environments. Intended for cross-functional teams, including testers, developers, tech leadership, product owners, and project managers.
  • Lego Automation tutorial offers a critical training in mastering test automation strategy. It is a must training for every tester, developer and technical lead to understand and excel in the complex world of test automation strategies.
  • Power to Say No/Handling Difficult Conversations: essential communication skills for test and QA professionals when dealing with difficult situations at work.
  • Inspire Testing - the famous leadership skills tutorial, taught by Fiona Charles, is for aspired test leaders and managers.

For a full list of speakers and sessions, please visit the

About the School

Test Masters Academy, an educational initiative of A Quality Leadership Institute, offers the modern, highly demanded education through public and corporate classes, conferences, trainings and community events. We invite community authorities, international speakers and thought leaders to teach our technical, strategy and leadership masterclasses.

To learn more about the Test Masters Academy, please go to their website - http://WWW.TESTMASTERSACADEMY.ORG

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