Inflectra Partners with RBCS

25-May-2022 by Inflectra Press Release

May 4th, 2022, Washington DC: Inflectra, a market leader in IT Software Lifecycle Management solutions, announced its partnership with RBCS, a Software Testing, Training, and Consulting company. Inflectra’s enterprise Program, Portfolio, and Risk Management platform, SpiraPlan and Test Automation tool Rapise will further strengthen RBCS’s mission in providing companies with quality software, testing, and QA services. 

Two Companies Reducing Risk and Increasing Quality

As a tool company, Inflectra is dedicated to crafting reliable software solutions for customers of various sizes and across a wide range of industries, ultimately with the goal to help organizations meet their business needs and succeed.

RBCS shares a similar vision to Inflectra in helping organizations improve their software testing processes by reducing risk and increasing quality in vital areas of the company, so the forming of this partnership makes sense,” says Inflectra Founder and CEO, Adam Sandman. “We look forward to increasing the success of our customers by bringing our combined solutions to the market.
We’ve seen so many of our clients struggle to manage critical software and testing tasks using spreadsheets or home-grown, kludgy, and, frankly, inadequate test lifecycle management (TLM) and application lifecycle management (ALM) tools. It’s really unnecessary, because professional-grade tools, such as Inflectra’s toolset, are available,” says Rex Black, RBCS President. “Depending on an organization’s specific requirements and constraints, Inflectra’s tools may be a good choice for replacing tools that have proven unfit for purpose, including spreadsheets, kludgy in-house tools, legacy commercial or open-source tools, or other TLM or ALM tools that were purchased without following industry best practices for tool selection. RBCS is happy to associate ourselves with an industry leader in this important space.

About Inflectra Corporation

Inflectra offers a suite of intuitive, turnkey enterprise solutions to manage the entire software lifecycle. Its industry-leading products for application test management, test automation, and lifecycle management help customers streamline their operations, allowing developers, testers and managers to allocate their time and resources to business-critical assignments.

Among our most popular products are SpiraPlan, giving you the ability to synchronize what matters, with agile program development; and Rapise, providing fast and easy test automation for everything—web, mobile, desktop, and APIs. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in the United States, Inflectra now has offices in more than 10 countries, along with a global partner network that covers more than 5,000 customers worldwide.

Known for its legendary customer support, all Inflectra products have a 30-day free trial, please contact us to learn more.

About RBCS

Rex Black Consulting Services (RBCS) is a premier international testing consultancy specializing in consulting and training services.  With clients on 6 continents, RBCS is an established company you can trust to show you results with the track record to prove it. 

Since 1994, RBCS has been both a pioneer and leader in quality hardware and software testing. Through its training and consulting services, RBCS has helped hundreds of companies improve their test practices and achieve quality results. 

RBCS' software consultancy services and expert level services range from expert witness consulting to onsite, hands on, QA/testing assessments, TMMi assessments, test automation assessments, security assessments and Standards compliance assessments.  Consulting services and assessments complement RBCS’ internationally popular certification and non-certification training.  A small handful of industry wide leaders are carefully selected for course delivery.

Visit the RBCS website at or write to for more information.